Monday, June 28, 2010

HOW TO: Make a Minky Dot pillowcase with a name appliqued on it!

Ok.. Sorry about how small the font is on these pictures ... and I probally chose the worst color to type in...ORANGE??? who does that? But you can  click on the pictures to enlarge them. There is not too much detail in here about how to make the pillow case itself, just to get the letters on it. But HERE is a tutorial on how to do the pillowcase part.. including measurments, what you will need, etc. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Check out Sew and Tell...

Till next time~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy Busy Busy Day!

So I've been taking a blogging break...yeah yeah yeah...Last night at dinner, my dear friend Lauren reminded me of this, so Lauren, This one's for you :)

Today Brady and I met Katie and Memaw at Berry's for lunch.. Let me just say, if you are from this area (Central Ms) you know about Berry's... it is FINE! It is an over sized buffet full of everything imaginable... um um good! I put Brady in his seat not even noticing the prehistoric turkey hanging on the wall above his head, till on my way back to the table with my food. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw it..
I don't Think he realized it was there.. but It looked like it was diving straight for his head.. super funny!

They have a wall of wild animals ... we just happened to be sitting under the crazy looking Turkey.

Then we went down 49 a little bit to Donna Produce so we could get Katie a Mandivilla Plant.
A few weeks ago I saw how beautiful Memaw's was and I just had to have one, so she took me to Donna's and got me one, then today, Katie saw how beautiful hers was so she demanded that we go get Katie one...

While we were there, I got some good pictures of Brady.

he looks like Popeye because one of his eyes are dilated (trying to straighten them out) and we could not find his he has just learn to squint with one eye...
He just loved this little rocker... he tried to rock real fast!
Then he tried to show Katie how to rock real fast....
And then me too!
Then we went to look at some garden art pieces.. not sure what you actually do with them, but he liked the turtle.
He found this huge "spin Spin" that he just loved
While we were having our adventure, Katie, Memaw, and Donna were having an adventure of their own. Memaw was determined that she would get this imperticular Mandivilla but its "runners" has wrapped around some of their garden structures there. So memaw said we would get that piece of garden art for free or they would stand there and unwrap this plant that had grown around it...
Well, we were not getting the structure for free
So they stood there and unwrapped this plant for about 10-15 mins in the Blazing heat...
But they got it!
Memaw is one stubborn lady, but she got what she wanted! Thanks for your patience Donna!
Brady enjoyed the fruit stand.. it was like a Brady-sized maze for him to run through
rarely standing still for pictures.
she had some beautiful Produce... and tons of it
If your ever heading south on hwy 49, stop by and get you some...
Memaw made me use her handicap sticker so we could get close parking everywhere we went... even though regular parking is at the front door .. oh well, I was handicapped for the afternoon

This is Memaw's Mandivilla that is so stunning!
So stunning that we all had to take pictures of it...
yes Katie, you too!
Brady got him some Goodbye Loving on the way out :)
Memaw has one of the nicest gardens in her apartment Complexes.. if not THE nicest... Zach went over when she moved in and helped her get it up and going.
after there we stopped by the Cemetery (My family owns it, don't worry) to take a few pictures of Brady with the blooming Crape Myrtles... they are B E A utiful! So Beautiful, I had my bridal portraits taken there.. yes, in the cemetery!
See! Told ya so...
Then, Brady noticed the "splash splash" and wanted to go get his hands wet... So off we went...
What? you didn't think I was walking did you? In this heat??? Girl Please! He's gotta learn sometime...
Oh, How he LOVES this fountain!
That's a Happy Face :)
~We had to do a little advertizing here~
and then back to the fountain
Whoa buddy! not in my car!
Then it was home for a brief nap! he was OUT!
But then...Sawyer came over for a few minutes so his mommy could go take a test
After we played with the the heat...we hit up the sprinklers...much better!
Then we figured, why waste that water... so we pulled out the pool...
And boy did they LOVE that!
Sawyer was a bit of a hose hog but they had a great time!
Absolute LOVE this picture of these precious boys!!
When Glenda got back, they showered her with all the attention.. I didn't mind though ;)

Well that's it... and its only 5:15! Brady is finishing up that nap that he didn't quite finish earlier because we are going to eat Mexican tonight with Glenda, Stephanie and Leigh...Our Last girls night for a while with all 4 of us because Stephanie is moving to Pensacola Saturday :(  I'll miss my Stephanie..

Ok, I'll promise to do better blogging more often. I've got my camera in my purse!

Till Next time