Sunday, March 22, 2009

Off to Nanna and Poppy's

One Cool Baby Well last night Brady went and stayed at his Nanna and Poppy's (my parents) house so mommy and Daddy could get some much needed r&r! (and a drink!!) He has been pretty fussy on this medicine .. like constant fussiness and crying.. occasionally screaming. Needless to say, we just needed a night of quite. And thank God my parents are willing to take that on. Hopefully this stage or whatever it is will pass quickly! Anyway, it gave Chris and I a chance to hit up the Carters outlet in Vicksburg to buy our quickly growing son some new clothes .. he is almost 6 months old and the 12 months are becoming tooo small!!! Crazy! Anyway, Brady has had no spasms in the past couple of days, Praise God! Only 11 1/2 more weeks of treatment and I can't wait to see the results...
Chris and I went over to pick Brady up today and we found out that he is quite when he is in his stroller... so memaw and Nanna were kept pretty busy...

she waked him up and down the driveway! He never made a peep... But when it was time for a bottle.. Poppy got that Job...

What a sweet Picture...

But nanna or memaw one (i cant remember) said it was too windy and he needed a hat, so we got him a hat...

Then he needed his shades so the sun wouldnt get in his eyes.. this is chris' favorite picture of Brady to date.. Brady will hate me for this one day...

Then daddy decided to show Brady how to fish...

Chris caught this small fish.. yeah I'm a little bitter... it was actually 5lbs!

but not to be outdone, Uncle Anson caught this one.. It was huge but I was standing on the other side of the lake with my zoom .. that is why it looks small...

and then we saw something we have never seen in our lives.. our neighbors horse decides he wants to go swimming while the boys are fishing... too funny not to take a picture...

All in all we had a great day.. It was beautiful outside and it was great getting Brady outside to enjoy it. We came home.. I gave him his shot all by myself and he didnt even cry, then bath, bottle, and bed! He is sleeping like the prince he is right now.. not a peep! God truely does answer prayers, no matter how small!

Till next time


Friday, March 20, 2009

First Shots at home... OUCH!!!

Are you sure you know what your doing???
Ok so we just delievered Brady's first shot.. or should I say Chris did and we might need a little more practice with that trusty ole orange. Poor Brady! I recorded it, well, what i could get of it..

As you can see, there are a few things we will be doing differently next time... uggggg.. it makes me cringe to think about giving him a shot but it has to be done! I took a few more pictures too...

Here is the medicine.. yes that little vial of medicine cost BC/BS $25,000!!!

Here is a closer look.. at least this one makes it look a little bigger

Chris drawing up the meds

Be careful with that honey!!

Alright, I have got to go put a fussy baby to bed! See you later...


~ Home Sweet Home ~

Well, today we got to come home!! All the Dr.'s wanted was for Chris and I to get comfortable drawing up and giving the injections, and we did.. well, as good as we are gonna be. I think I will let Chris give them for the most part ;) The last spasm that Brady had was yesterday morning, which was only after one injection.. and no more since then!!! We will be giving the injections daily and checking up with the Dr.'s weekly for the next 12 weeks... I know great things are going to come out of all this. He is doing exceptionally well right now and I pray it will continue. Seeing how is immune system will be compromised for the next 3 months we will pretty much be "shut ins". No daycare, per the Dr. so it will be an intresting couple of months. He is already experiencing one of the side effects of this medicine - FUSSINESS- Hopefully that will calm itself down too! Another side effect should be rapid weight gain.. right now he is already in 12 months clothes and I haven't bought any more so it looks like I get to go shopping for big boy clothes! Chris is cutting the yard today for the first time this year! Believe me.. it needed it! Our dogs are not too happy about it, they are going nuts barking, but Brady is sleeping like a, well, a baby! He is out.. I know he is soo happy to be home to!
See.. Here is chris watering off the back porch.. not expecting to get his picture taken :)

And my little man sleeping away

Thats about it for now.. I am back to catching up on my Days of our Lives .. while I am at it, I need to watch American Idol and Biggest Loser to see who got kicked off! What a way to spend my Friday night.. no really, I'm excited!! I will send Chris after a bottle of wine before too long and we are chillin in our p.j.s tonight!

Till next time


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Haven't they ever heard of a schedule?!?!

Finally REST!!
Brady started getting his injections last night (once we got the doseage under contol) and he is doing great.. He has only had one "cluster" of spasms today. Chris just came up there to relieve me of my post so I could come home and get a shower (and Blog, of course). Today has been ridiculous though.. 6am- heel stick to check glucose & serum glucose 7am- BP check, temp...just the vitals 8am- more blood work, didnt get enough at 6 to test glucose 9:30- meds.. Finally! He is used to getting them at 8:30! 11:00- I finally go and get our nurse so he can get his shot (that he was supposed to get at 9AM!) all the while Brady is trying his hardest to get a nap. He gets good and to sleep and they come in, flip on the light, flip him over, time after time again.. The poor baby is just tired and wants a nap! Things will change in the morning though.. we will get it all done at once or we will come back when he wakes up! He is so used to his schedule and this is throwing him for a loop! I pray this medicine will work and will control his spasms and that he will be a perfect normal little boy , then young man, and so on.. but while I was praying that I also realized that I was praying for God to work through Brady and let his little life be a great testimony for anyone he meets. At that moment it hit me. God has a plan for Brady. This plan is already set into action and there is nothing we can do to change it. I can hope it goes one way, but what right have I got to tell our almighty God what to do with his own children. God will use Brady, wether it be through a little boy with handicaps or delays or worse.. or be it through a perfectly little healthy boy. I am just thankful that I will have front row seats to the awsome life that that little man leads. I have a peace about it all. God is in control of the situation, and has been from the beginning. The only reason we are in the hospital is to "train" how to draw up and give him injection so tonight we (well, one of us) will be giving Brady a shot for the first time... Pray for Brady and Us! ahahha. We are looking to be going home tomorrow! Keep him in your prayers. I will update again soon! Jenny
This is Chris' angry face because I was leaving!

And here he is after I made him smile for the camera... what a big baby!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off to the hospital

Ok so we got the medicine in today... What a relief! We will be leaving the house shortly and will be headed to the hospital (Blair E. Batson) for our "training" . We have to learn how to give the injections and they have to moniter him to make sure he responds well to the medicine. We should be there till Friday or Saturday so Please continue to pray that all goes well and he responds beautifully to the medicine! As much as we love our friends and family, Brady's immune system will be affected greatly by this medicine and the slightest common cold could turn into something worse super quick. So we ask that you dont visit, just call. If you are coming to the hospital for any reason, please let us know and we can get you scrubbed in really good! :) Brady has been sleeping great today because he was up so late last nigt.. didnt go to sleep till 11pm!! He is always in bed by 8-9 every night but last night he was not having it! He must have been too excited to sleep.. probally not! He has only had one spasm today so far so hopefully we can get these under control asap!! By the way did you catch American Idol last night... I thought most of the contestants did pretty well with country.. You could tell it was a little out of most of their comfort zones but they still did ok. Megan is still my favorite Girl!! and I am not to sure what Adam did .. I was real confused after watching that.. pretty weird but that seems to be him! Oh well, we will jsut have to see tonight! I will be watching from Brady's hospital room :( Ok I will let you know as soon as I know something! Hopefully this goes ok, he has no adverse reactions to the medicines, and we will be home and getting back to normal before too long! Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray Pray.. If you are wondering what you can do for us... Just PRAY! in HIS hands now and always Jenny
Here is him yesterday for St. Patricks day "I'm a McCutie" haha

Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok.. so this week was pretty decent on the T.V. front. We will just start at the beginning... MONDAY: Jon & Kate- Ok so the babies (hanna) left her toy horse out for the dogs to get and naturally the dog ate it.. therefore the dog needed surgery. Poor Pup! It might just be me, but the show doesn't seem as intresting in this house as it was in the other. I used to love Kate. I am similar to her in the OCD cleaning ways. I like order and with 8 kids you have to have order, but recently she is really riding my nerves. On the show where they were showing the house to the kids she told them to get a good look at her room because they were never to step foot in there again and that really bothered me. Now I know they need their privacy but they have all the time in the world once the kids go to sleep. I can not wait for my baby to come crawl in the bed with me.. even if I have 8 kids (which i dont see happening). I think the money is starting to get the best of her.. Ah well, we will have to see what happens tonight. House- I could watch House everyday. I love that total honesty that he has.. I would love to be like that for one day.. haha.. I dont think I could do it though. Anyway I thing House is softening up to Wilson. They are bonding and truely becoming BFF's.. Where is Cutty's baby?? Wonder what they will do with that story line? hummm TUESDAY: Biggest Loser- I am obsessed with the Biggest Loser.. Alison Sweeny (sami from Days) is fabulous as the host. I have watched these women who were ALL bigger than me at the beginning of this season loose weight and are now mostly smaller than me. But I choose to watch and not do.. I dont understand. I would sign up for that show in a new York min.. but I dont want to leave my Brady and Chris for that long.. maybe in a different life. I am really rooting for Kristen. I think she is great! I love watching the interviews they do with her. Jillian got it handed to here last week. Those guys didnt go easy on her at all! I think Bob would have to be my coach.. I am too soft hearted and emotional to be yelled at like she yells at some of them. I am so proud at the way these contestants are losing the weight.. and I am glad to see that Tara isn't a robot.. she finally hit her wall and didnt lose a single pound this week.. usually she is in the double digits every week.. whatever.. I will miss Mandi! I really like her. Why aren't they sending Ron home?? Confusing.. Cant wait till next week. American Idol- I cry when I see Scott preform. I absolutey love his passion. Great Job to him, even though I have never heard that song. Adam Lamber and "Beat it" was awsome!!! He is a true superstar..He will go far in this compition. Megan i s still my favorite girl contestant. That song was so her. but I like her style of singing. Danny and "Hero" was good. I like Danny alot. He is one of my favorites! Allison is pretty good too.. she has a powerhouse voice for someone of her age... Chris really likes Matt alot.. he has that JT look with that Coldplay sound and I like that. I have to say I like Jasmine because she is from MS.. She is not horrible but I didnt see her making it very far. I really think there were better choices than Kris and George with a J . Anoop was ok, but I wouldnt buy his cd.. Lil Rounds did a great job both proformances so far. Alexis is good but she reminds me of someone who would have been on the first season.. she looks so dated, does that make since?? ah well, good voice though. WEDNESDAY: American Idol Again: So Mississippi Girl and George with a J go home.. not too surprised with that. Why did they think they needed another judge.. Cara rides my nerves with all her lingo.. CHops, mad pipes, etc.. come on already.. Paula is enough to listen too and now we have even more babbling.. i aggree with some of what she says but I dont think they needed another.. I enjoy watching the love hate relationship between Simon and Ryan, by the way, does anyone elses husband have a man crush on Ryan like mine does??? I think Chris is more excited about what Ryan is wearing rather than how the contestants do. whatever! THURSDAY: Grey's Anatomy- I could have come through my tv at Derick. If I was Meredith, I would have taken that baseball bat from his hands and beat him over the head with it!!!! He makes me sooo mad.. Attention writers of Greys Anatomy... will you let them be together already!?!?! This is really getting old. If I am not wrong George and Izzy are both leaving the show so what better way to go than with a brain tumor so Derick can feel like an even bigger failure than he already does by letting Izzy die too! That is just me guessing, I dont know that for a fact. I really like that Izzy told Christina, I think this will humanize her now. She might start to show some compassion, or maybe not.. By the way, other than that whole post traumatic stress stuff her man Dr. Hunt is sooo hot! I am a fan.. I know this might be crazy but I loved the whole thing they did with Izzy and Denny.. I miss Denny :( I dont want to see Alex get his heart broken but I know it is going to happen. Baily and the Chief's relationship is too funny. I am glad she tattled to Addell.. how high schoolish.. Cant wait till next week! Private Practice- If Addison persues this relationship with a married man I am going to be sick. She is trying to save the life of his baby and he is hitting on her! Come on already!! Sam and Naomi just need to get back together. Violet shouldnt be forced to get the paternity test. She can do that later.. I think she is handeling it all very well. Cooper and Charlotte excite me. I think they are great together... What a cliff hanger with addison and the cheater.. we will just have to wait and see. FRIDAY: Ghost Wisperer- Jim Remembers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for Melinda! I have missed their relationship so much. I cant wait to see where the writers will go with this. Jennifer Love Hewitt always looks amazing on this show! What a great eppisod Friday was! Wife Swap- BORING!!! the crazy alien people who yell and throw milk and the supernaturals whos kids tap dance and have that whole "vote for pedro" look going on. What a sorry combination America. A few things, if your 5 year old is flipping off adults and dropping the "f" b0mb, someone needs a beating! Be a parent and diciplin your children. That is our futre america!!! They get it honestly thought.. that crazy dad of theirs throwing milk on people and their paid for mom need to grow up too! SUNDAY: Big Love- I dont want this season to end yet.. Only one eppisode left!! Nikki deserves everything she is getting... I and not liking Barbs sister right about now.. well, i never really haved (is that a word?) Sarah and here "babies daddy" getting it on in Nikki's bed? really? I aggree with Bill in wanting to Divorce or get "unsealed" from Nikki.. I would too! There are too many open story lines for there to be one eppisode left! HOw are they gonna wrap this up? Chris told me they have signed on for a next season so that is good news! Ok so I will not be doing this once a week anymore, It has taken up too much time already! I will try to vent a little each day or somehow try to get it all in through out the week. But I really like venting about my shows.. If you are a fan I am sure you know what I am talking about. It is a release! haha Brady is with Mom and Dad tonight so I can go grocery shopping and get my laundry done.. I was going to clean but Allie and her mother-in-law are coming up while we are in the hospital to do that for us! What a blessing! We are still waiting on his medicine to be approve by blue cross before they send it out so my baby is still having spasms 2-3 times a day because of paperwork.. Believe you me, Bc/Bs will know my name in the morning!!! Till next time, Jenny

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

So we are waiting on this medicine to get here!! Come on already. Brady is averaging 2-3 spasams a day right now, mostly when he wakes up from a nap or something. But there is nothing we can do without this medicine that we are waiting on. It should be overnighted tomorrow and arrive here Tuesday. I have never been more anxious to get my baby in a hospital. While we wait we have to keep him well. They will not give the treaments to him if he is sick due to the damage it does to his immune system. He is on antibiotics (that makes 5 medicines he takes daily). So tonight my mom is going to come over and watch him so we can go to the hospital and visit with Chris' dad.. Yes thats right, Chris' dad is back in the hospital. He is going through chemo trying to get well enough to have a bone marrow transplant and right now his platelets are real low. Not sure what his reason for being admitted is this time but I hope to find that out tonight. Right now Chris is sleeping on the couch trying to sleep off the sinus medicine "coctail" that he gave himself befor church this morning. I sure hope he isn't getting sick too.. That will put Brady and I in a hotel! Check back later tonight for the week end review of all my shows.. Its a new thing I am going to try out. Just so I can vent to whoever wants to listen about all the shows I follow all week long.. I cant do it righ now because I haven't seen Big Love or Extreme Makeover Home Edition or The girls next Door... so after all my shows tonight I will do another post.. haha.. I love it.. See you guys tonigh~ Jenny

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on Life...

Well it has been quite a while since I have been on but I figured this would be a good way of keeping everyone up-to-date on my Brady.. Sweet boy, his "partial onset seizure" diagnosis has evolved into "infantile Spasams" (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) sorry, had to have a moment! We just though we were through it all, but we a just getting started! He will be put on a strong medicine and they will be treating this aggressively! by the way, this is pretty rare 1 in 6,000 infants have this condition. I tell you, when he turns 21 I am taking him to vegas with those odds. The medicine (ACTH) has been ordered and shoud be here Tuesday so we should expect to be admited Wednesday so they can begin treating him. I try to stay away from google.. there is too much negative and not enough God! It is a pretty scary place. All those worst case stories break my heart. I know that Brady will be ok. I claim it in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ! What a testimony he will have in his future. I will try to keep you updated with picture and regular post. Here are some picture that you have missed out on the past couple of months...
Brady at bath time.. he loves it!!
Brady on his first day of daycare.. we have just recently had to remove him from daycare so he can under go this treatment.. hopefully we will get back soon. he Loved daycare!!Eating his very first bite of "big boy food" he love it now!!His first school picture day! How cute is my baby!

Brady's new Jumper..

Brady at my parent's house.. how handsome!

God is good - All the time.. Not just some of it. He has a plan for our family and for our son. We might not know what it is just yet, but we will soon enough. He never said it would be easy, but he said he'd see us through the storm. We serve a mighty God. Please lift Brady up in your prayers. We know who the real Dr. is.

See you soon,