Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok.. so this week was pretty decent on the T.V. front. We will just start at the beginning... MONDAY: Jon & Kate- Ok so the babies (hanna) left her toy horse out for the dogs to get and naturally the dog ate it.. therefore the dog needed surgery. Poor Pup! It might just be me, but the show doesn't seem as intresting in this house as it was in the other. I used to love Kate. I am similar to her in the OCD cleaning ways. I like order and with 8 kids you have to have order, but recently she is really riding my nerves. On the show where they were showing the house to the kids she told them to get a good look at her room because they were never to step foot in there again and that really bothered me. Now I know they need their privacy but they have all the time in the world once the kids go to sleep. I can not wait for my baby to come crawl in the bed with me.. even if I have 8 kids (which i dont see happening). I think the money is starting to get the best of her.. Ah well, we will have to see what happens tonight. House- I could watch House everyday. I love that total honesty that he has.. I would love to be like that for one day.. haha.. I dont think I could do it though. Anyway I thing House is softening up to Wilson. They are bonding and truely becoming BFF's.. Where is Cutty's baby?? Wonder what they will do with that story line? hummm TUESDAY: Biggest Loser- I am obsessed with the Biggest Loser.. Alison Sweeny (sami from Days) is fabulous as the host. I have watched these women who were ALL bigger than me at the beginning of this season loose weight and are now mostly smaller than me. But I choose to watch and not do.. I dont understand. I would sign up for that show in a new York min.. but I dont want to leave my Brady and Chris for that long.. maybe in a different life. I am really rooting for Kristen. I think she is great! I love watching the interviews they do with her. Jillian got it handed to here last week. Those guys didnt go easy on her at all! I think Bob would have to be my coach.. I am too soft hearted and emotional to be yelled at like she yells at some of them. I am so proud at the way these contestants are losing the weight.. and I am glad to see that Tara isn't a robot.. she finally hit her wall and didnt lose a single pound this week.. usually she is in the double digits every week.. whatever.. I will miss Mandi! I really like her. Why aren't they sending Ron home?? Confusing.. Cant wait till next week. American Idol- I cry when I see Scott preform. I absolutey love his passion. Great Job to him, even though I have never heard that song. Adam Lamber and "Beat it" was awsome!!! He is a true superstar..He will go far in this compition. Megan i s still my favorite girl contestant. That song was so her. but I like her style of singing. Danny and "Hero" was good. I like Danny alot. He is one of my favorites! Allison is pretty good too.. she has a powerhouse voice for someone of her age... Chris really likes Matt alot.. he has that JT look with that Coldplay sound and I like that. I have to say I like Jasmine because she is from MS.. She is not horrible but I didnt see her making it very far. I really think there were better choices than Kris and George with a J . Anoop was ok, but I wouldnt buy his cd.. Lil Rounds did a great job both proformances so far. Alexis is good but she reminds me of someone who would have been on the first season.. she looks so dated, does that make since?? ah well, good voice though. WEDNESDAY: American Idol Again: So Mississippi Girl and George with a J go home.. not too surprised with that. Why did they think they needed another judge.. Cara rides my nerves with all her lingo.. CHops, mad pipes, etc.. come on already.. Paula is enough to listen too and now we have even more babbling.. i aggree with some of what she says but I dont think they needed another.. I enjoy watching the love hate relationship between Simon and Ryan, by the way, does anyone elses husband have a man crush on Ryan like mine does??? I think Chris is more excited about what Ryan is wearing rather than how the contestants do. whatever! THURSDAY: Grey's Anatomy- I could have come through my tv at Derick. If I was Meredith, I would have taken that baseball bat from his hands and beat him over the head with it!!!! He makes me sooo mad.. Attention writers of Greys Anatomy... will you let them be together already!?!?! This is really getting old. If I am not wrong George and Izzy are both leaving the show so what better way to go than with a brain tumor so Derick can feel like an even bigger failure than he already does by letting Izzy die too! That is just me guessing, I dont know that for a fact. I really like that Izzy told Christina, I think this will humanize her now. She might start to show some compassion, or maybe not.. By the way, other than that whole post traumatic stress stuff her man Dr. Hunt is sooo hot! I am a fan.. I know this might be crazy but I loved the whole thing they did with Izzy and Denny.. I miss Denny :( I dont want to see Alex get his heart broken but I know it is going to happen. Baily and the Chief's relationship is too funny. I am glad she tattled to Addell.. how high schoolish.. Cant wait till next week! Private Practice- If Addison persues this relationship with a married man I am going to be sick. She is trying to save the life of his baby and he is hitting on her! Come on already!! Sam and Naomi just need to get back together. Violet shouldnt be forced to get the paternity test. She can do that later.. I think she is handeling it all very well. Cooper and Charlotte excite me. I think they are great together... What a cliff hanger with addison and the cheater.. we will just have to wait and see. FRIDAY: Ghost Wisperer- Jim Remembers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for Melinda! I have missed their relationship so much. I cant wait to see where the writers will go with this. Jennifer Love Hewitt always looks amazing on this show! What a great eppisod Friday was! Wife Swap- BORING!!! the crazy alien people who yell and throw milk and the supernaturals whos kids tap dance and have that whole "vote for pedro" look going on. What a sorry combination America. A few things, if your 5 year old is flipping off adults and dropping the "f" b0mb, someone needs a beating! Be a parent and diciplin your children. That is our futre america!!! They get it honestly thought.. that crazy dad of theirs throwing milk on people and their paid for mom need to grow up too! SUNDAY: Big Love- I dont want this season to end yet.. Only one eppisode left!! Nikki deserves everything she is getting... I and not liking Barbs sister right about now.. well, i never really haved (is that a word?) Sarah and here "babies daddy" getting it on in Nikki's bed? really? I aggree with Bill in wanting to Divorce or get "unsealed" from Nikki.. I would too! There are too many open story lines for there to be one eppisode left! HOw are they gonna wrap this up? Chris told me they have signed on for a next season so that is good news! Ok so I will not be doing this once a week anymore, It has taken up too much time already! I will try to vent a little each day or somehow try to get it all in through out the week. But I really like venting about my shows.. If you are a fan I am sure you know what I am talking about. It is a release! haha Brady is with Mom and Dad tonight so I can go grocery shopping and get my laundry done.. I was going to clean but Allie and her mother-in-law are coming up while we are in the hospital to do that for us! What a blessing! We are still waiting on his medicine to be approve by blue cross before they send it out so my baby is still having spasms 2-3 times a day because of paperwork.. Believe you me, Bc/Bs will know my name in the morning!!! Till next time, Jenny


Thin in 2010 said...

Ok, So I totally agree with you on Jon & Kate.
The Biggest Loser too...although, I have finally started trying to jog and walk everyday and am starting to lose. Ugh it sucks! I would go on the show in a minute too if I didn't have 2 small children...I could never leave them for that long.
Megan is definately my favorite girl on American Idol...I love her. I love Danny too...he is my favorite guy I guess. Its hard this year...EVERYBODY is really good...its gonna be an interesting season. TOUGH competition!
I could watch HOUSE EVERY SINGLE DAY too!! I love it! Its strange about Cutty's situation...I don't know what they are doing...and when it showed scenes for next week it showed something about her adopting and painting the room and I was like...wait...didn't that already maybe it will be a repeat. Anyway, thats my two since worth.

Oh yea, and you should watch The Amazing Race on Sunday....ITS AWESOME!

Thin in 2010 said...

Oh, sorry ..... this is Leigh :-)