Tuesday, September 30, 2008

39 weeks pregnant!!!

Ok, so we (my mom and me) went to the Dr. today for our last prenatal check-up and I have finally started to dialate!!! I am at 1cm and about 60% effaced or thinned out! That is great great progress...Brady's heartrate was 142 which was good and my blood pressure was on the high side, but she wasn't toooo concerned with that.. So the plan is... I will go in Monday night and she will do something to "ripen" my cervix and then start giving me inducing drugs first thing Tuesday morning... on Oct 7, we should have our baby boy!! Now all that is IF I haven't gone into labor on my own before then, which is a possibility.... expecially with the Fair coming into town tomorrow.... you know I am gonna be walking that midway eating some good food.. so with enough walking, I could go on into labor on my own..which would be alright too! Either way I am a week away (at least) from meeting Brady!! I am soo excited!! I will keep you posted on whatever happens.. I am sure I can get computer access at the hospital, so I will let you know how it goes! Cross your fingers for us... We're gonna be parents!! This could be my last blog as a married woman with no children... ha! weird!! Jenny

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

38 weeks Pregnant... 2 more weeks!!!

Hello all.. So monday I turned 38 weeks pregnant and Tuesday I went to the dr. for her to tell me that we are still not dialating any...booo! We are still thinning out some but no dilating.. ah well, it will happen when it happens... hopefully not tooo much longer.. Even though I only have 2 more weeks of being pregnant :( thats me being sad... I have really enjoyed this pregnancy... I mean, dont get me wrong, there are several not so good features about being pregnat that I will not go in depth with but for the most part.. its a wonderful experience to have as a woman and I would wish it for anyone..just knowing that i have created (with a little help from Chris) this child and I have gotten the privilage of carrying him around for the past 9 months is amazing and truly a blessing from God himself. Plus all the perks of being pregnant are great... the close parking at wal-mart and belk...people letting you go to the front of the lines at the bathroom... chris not letting me unload the groceries...(even though I often wonder how he thinks they got in the car?? whatever)... not having to lift anything heavier than my purse... getting an excuse to fall asleep at work ( and those bosses of mine are great for letting me stay asleep for a little while)... just the attention you get as an expecting mother is fabulous... and hell, I'll let anyone rub my belly, I think its great too! Just one thing.. dont ask me if i'm having twins.. (you know who you are people working at Target!!) thats sorda rude...oh well, for the most part, like I said before, Pregnancy is a great experience and has been a great time in my life that I am truely thankful that I got to enjoy.. I go back to the dr next week.. same day... same time.. seriously, they mean it when they say "see ya in a week"... hopefully I will have something to report then.. who know what could happen in a week though... Just please continue to keep Chris and I in your prayers as we continue to prepare to become parents for the first time... as as we try to get as much sleep as possible in the next couple of weeks!! "See ya next week" jenny&brady

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

37 weeks pregnant...Full Term!!

I hit my 37 week mark Monday!! and yesterday I went to the Dr. for my weekly visit.. She said all is good! I have started to "thin out" some but not dialating yet.. which is fine, but that should start soon... hopefully.. i'm not rushing it but I am pretty curious to meet my son so "lets get on with it"!! I guess at this point its just a waiting game. I have a baby shower Sunday and I am super excited about it! But other than that, I believe I am ready! ~I have got his nursery all set up.. I am usually in there at least once every day just looking around.. ~I have got all his clothes washed ( in dreft) and waiting on him... Dreft smells like babies, so his nursery already smells like what I think a baby smells like! ~I got a call from the day care that we have had him on the waiting list for since January and they have him a spot, so that is great!! What a relief! ~His carseat is already strapped in! ~I finished finalizing the phone tree (list) of people Chirs or someone is to call when it all happens. So now its just on to stocking up on diapers and baby stuff and just waiting... good thing I am a patient person..ha! (not really) I can not believe I am carrying around a full term infant in my stomach all day everyday ( it explains the constant state of exhaustion) I am just sooooo very ready to see who/ what he looks like! Anxious really... black hair? blond hair? my lips? Chris' eyes? I mean what will he look like???? oh well, not much longer... I go back next week .. same day... same time! So i will just catch you all up to speed then... See ya next week! Jenny

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

36 Weeks Pregnant... That's 9 Months People!!

Well look who made it to the 9th month! It feels like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and now it's almost time!!! I went to the Dr. today and let me just tell you... that was an experience that I would NOT want to have everyday... She did her thing and found out that I have not dialated any or thinned out any (google it if you have questions) but she does believe that his head is down and in position which is GREAT!!! That means we don't have to plan for a c-section...right now, anyway... His heartbeat was a good 161 beats per/ min which is good... so we have no complaints! Well, I guess I am entilted to complain a small amount so I will... this whole "lack of sleep thing"... I don't know if it's my brain trying to mentally prepare me for the loss of sleep I will be getting shortly or what, but here lately I CAN"T SLEEP! I toss and turn and believe me, it takes a good 10 mins to roll over and get re-comfortable and then when I do... I gotta pee! So up I get and then try to get re-comfortable again but this time, I lay down to much and the heart burn starts... so I gotta roll over again to get my tums... and then, you guessed it, I try to get re-comfortable!! Its a never ending cycle and Chris' snoring doesn't help any!! Neither does the fack that I can't breath if I lay down tooo much... Trying to get any sleep is just not happening.. this morning I was up at 6:30 (AM people!!) I made breakfast and watched my Days of our lives and then got ready for work... I couldn't tell you the last time I saw 6:30 twice in the same day! Oh well, I guess if that is my only complaint...and it is... then I have had an amazing pregnancy! We are so blessed to have made it to this point where we are about to be parents for the very first time. It is truly a surreal experience and we couldn't be happier.. We defiently have not or will not take any of this for granted. Thanks for your continued intrest in the pregnancy and hopefully your continued prayers... keep 'um coming! Haha.. Well I will see the Dr. next week! Hopefull it will go a little smoother.. if you catch my drift! I will try to have some pictures too.. I haven't taken any new pictures but I will soon... Chris should be home soon.. its poker night so maybe he's winning some money!! I can take a picture of that! HA Alright, I am off to catch up on my "Days" and then off to TRY to sleep! See ya soon, Jenny&Brady

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Couple days worth of bloggin...

Sorry its been a couple of days since I last Blogged but there hasen't been too much to blog about so I took a blogging break.. I will catch you up to speed though... Saturday night Glenda and Anson hosted Chris and I a couples baby shower... but due to the bad weather of Hurrican Gus Gus and I liked to call him, it wasen't too big of a crowd... Just a few close friends, but we had a good time.. here is a few pictues from the shower.. Here is the Diaper cake that she made up... And here is the happy couple... not a good shot but its what we got.. 35 weeks pregnant!! Here is another one belly to belly... uggggg... Tonight Chris, Ryan (chris' brother), and myself went to visit with Chris' dad in the hospital.. he has been going through cemo and now has some kind of infection that they are trying to keep a close eye on so they are keeping him in the hospital until his very low grade fever goes away completely... he's pretty bored, which is expected, so we went and spent a little time with him.. Afterwards, Chris took me to my most Favorite restaurant ever...CRACKER BARRELL!!! and after several attempts at my favorite "jump the peg" game I came to the conclusion that tonight just wasen't my night for smarts... However, my smarty pants husband had only 1 peg remaining after his second attempt at trying so I had to get a picture for proof!! I am very surprised he let me take his picture at a restaurant but I think he was pretty proud of himself Look at that!!! Oh well~ this week marks week 35 of my pregnancy and I can tell you I am starting to believe he (Brady) is gonna out grow my belly... today is the first day that he has stayed in my ribs all day long... I feel like I am constantly stretching so I can get some relief.. Less than 5 weeks now!!! I won't go to the Dr. again till next week so I should have some kind of update then on how everything is going "pregnancy wise"... I guess that's about everything that you've missed the past couple of days.. I will try to do better about my blogging breaks!! HaHa.. Till next time, good night...