Tuesday, September 9, 2008

36 Weeks Pregnant... That's 9 Months People!!

Well look who made it to the 9th month! It feels like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and now it's almost time!!! I went to the Dr. today and let me just tell you... that was an experience that I would NOT want to have everyday... She did her thing and found out that I have not dialated any or thinned out any (google it if you have questions) but she does believe that his head is down and in position which is GREAT!!! That means we don't have to plan for a c-section...right now, anyway... His heartbeat was a good 161 beats per/ min which is good... so we have no complaints! Well, I guess I am entilted to complain a small amount so I will... this whole "lack of sleep thing"... I don't know if it's my brain trying to mentally prepare me for the loss of sleep I will be getting shortly or what, but here lately I CAN"T SLEEP! I toss and turn and believe me, it takes a good 10 mins to roll over and get re-comfortable and then when I do... I gotta pee! So up I get and then try to get re-comfortable again but this time, I lay down to much and the heart burn starts... so I gotta roll over again to get my tums... and then, you guessed it, I try to get re-comfortable!! Its a never ending cycle and Chris' snoring doesn't help any!! Neither does the fack that I can't breath if I lay down tooo much... Trying to get any sleep is just not happening.. this morning I was up at 6:30 (AM people!!) I made breakfast and watched my Days of our lives and then got ready for work... I couldn't tell you the last time I saw 6:30 twice in the same day! Oh well, I guess if that is my only complaint...and it is... then I have had an amazing pregnancy! We are so blessed to have made it to this point where we are about to be parents for the very first time. It is truly a surreal experience and we couldn't be happier.. We defiently have not or will not take any of this for granted. Thanks for your continued intrest in the pregnancy and hopefully your continued prayers... keep 'um coming! Haha.. Well I will see the Dr. next week! Hopefull it will go a little smoother.. if you catch my drift! I will try to have some pictures too.. I haven't taken any new pictures but I will soon... Chris should be home soon.. its poker night so maybe he's winning some money!! I can take a picture of that! HA Alright, I am off to catch up on my "Days" and then off to TRY to sleep! See ya soon, Jenny&Brady

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