Wednesday, September 24, 2008

38 weeks Pregnant... 2 more weeks!!!

Hello all.. So monday I turned 38 weeks pregnant and Tuesday I went to the dr. for her to tell me that we are still not dialating any...booo! We are still thinning out some but no dilating.. ah well, it will happen when it happens... hopefully not tooo much longer.. Even though I only have 2 more weeks of being pregnant :( thats me being sad... I have really enjoyed this pregnancy... I mean, dont get me wrong, there are several not so good features about being pregnat that I will not go in depth with but for the most part.. its a wonderful experience to have as a woman and I would wish it for anyone..just knowing that i have created (with a little help from Chris) this child and I have gotten the privilage of carrying him around for the past 9 months is amazing and truly a blessing from God himself. Plus all the perks of being pregnant are great... the close parking at wal-mart and belk...people letting you go to the front of the lines at the bathroom... chris not letting me unload the groceries...(even though I often wonder how he thinks they got in the car?? whatever)... not having to lift anything heavier than my purse... getting an excuse to fall asleep at work ( and those bosses of mine are great for letting me stay asleep for a little while)... just the attention you get as an expecting mother is fabulous... and hell, I'll let anyone rub my belly, I think its great too! Just one thing.. dont ask me if i'm having twins.. (you know who you are people working at Target!!) thats sorda rude...oh well, for the most part, like I said before, Pregnancy is a great experience and has been a great time in my life that I am truely thankful that I got to enjoy.. I go back to the dr next week.. same day... same time.. seriously, they mean it when they say "see ya in a week"... hopefully I will have something to report then.. who know what could happen in a week though... Just please continue to keep Chris and I in your prayers as we continue to prepare to become parents for the first time... as as we try to get as much sleep as possible in the next couple of weeks!! "See ya next week" jenny&brady

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The Nordquists said...

Awww...your post almost made me miss being pregnant! ALMOST! haha! I'm just gonna settle for living vicariously through you and Lauren, though!