Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

So Chris and I celebrated our 1 year (married) anniversary this past Monday, November 10!! And as a gift, my parents kept Brady so we could "get away" for a couple days. We never went on a honeymoon so as a married couple I dont think we have gotten a chance to go anywhere so this was a real treat! We went up to Tunica..I know, but hell, it's AWAY! We stayed at Harrah's but we went to Hollywood Casino and Sam's Town to check out the Casino floors. Let's just say we didn't do too hot at the casino.. but on the way back we stopped at the Carter's outlet (baby clothes) and I hit the Jackpot!! haha.. Here are some pictures from our trip..
This one is me by the Bat-mobile at Hollywood Casino
Here is Chris by the "Delorian"..I am not sure how to even begin to spell that..
Here is me and Paula Deen.. She has her own buffet at Harrah's, that alone is worth going to Tunica
Me on the "front Porch" of the Buffet
And here is Chris waiting for the vallet guy to bring the car... I was inside, It was freezing!!
And here is us on the way home....
Well, that's the trip! Exciting, I know!! Ha, we did have a good time though... It has been a long first married year for us, with building our house, getting pregnant, his dad getting sick, having a baby, and our baby being sick... so it was good to get some Jenny and Chris time.. I am so very thankful for Chris everyday, even if I don't show it everyday! But I know God put him in my life for a reason and I am glad he did! I love my Husband!
And I couldn't post a blog without a picture of my son.... so when we got back to Byram (to the funeral home) to pick up Brady, my parents had got him his first business suit!! He had to be dressed for work now... How freaking cute is that?!?!!? That alone was worth coming home for...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

We couldn't decide what to be for Halloween this year.. ha! I love having the chance to dress up my baby this year, is what I meant to say! This sweet little pumpkin costume was given to us at one of my baby showers by his Great Aunt Sissy! and the Monkey aka Obama was only $5.00 at Babies-r-us.. funny, you would think the prices on presidental candiates costumes would increase before the election!! ah well.. We are still doing great! Got a check up tomorrow, mainly just a weight check then we are off to vote!! Please do the same!!! God Bless..