Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

We couldn't decide what to be for Halloween this year.. ha! I love having the chance to dress up my baby this year, is what I meant to say! This sweet little pumpkin costume was given to us at one of my baby showers by his Great Aunt Sissy! and the Monkey aka Obama was only $5.00 at Babies-r-us.. funny, you would think the prices on presidental candiates costumes would increase before the election!! ah well.. We are still doing great! Got a check up tomorrow, mainly just a weight check then we are off to vote!! Please do the same!!! God Bless..


Orin said...

Hey girl. He is so cute. I am so sorry you had a bad start. I am thankful he is okay. This is Danielle wasn't sure if you knew.

Patty said...

Again - costumes are so cute. Saw a little big of Brady in there, LOL. Next year hope he's walking!
What a hoot.

BTW - your music is fabulous!!!

Luv you!!! :)