Monday, May 25, 2009

Dancing Queen!

This is my niece Arrington dancing away to Luke and Savannah singing YMCA on American Idol Karaoke! This video is going to be about the same for her as my perm video was for me! Enjoy...

Here are a few more of Arrington trying to get Brady up to play with her.. He is just as big if not bigger than she is now and she dosent understand why he wont play!! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bitter Sweet

So it seems I have let my blogging get behind so I will attempt to catch you up with this one. This has been a very up and down month already! Up in the fact that Brady is doing better. No spasms, had a much improved EEG taken on May 13, only 3 weeks left on this medicine. Down in the fact that also on May 13 we lost Chris' dad, my father-in-law, and Brady's pawpaw to cancer. He had been battling and I do mean battling this cancer since the week of our wedding a year and a half ago. Mr David gave it all he had. He did what the Dr.s said, he did every kind of chemo they had to offer, but after all that chemo he still lost a very long, hard, courageous battle. We are so happy with the memories that we have with him. (Chris' 29 years, my 8 years, and Brady's 7 months of memories) We are also so very glad that we have great pictures of him with Brady. Mr. David will never be forgotten. Brady will know all the great things he did, and how much he loved him.
This is Mr. David with Brady and Wyatt (Brady's cousin) the day after Brady was bornMr. David, with Chris and Brady Thanksgiving 2008Brady with PawPaw in February 2008The last pictures taken with them together 18 days before Mr. David passed away.
These are great memories for Brady and for our family. Mr. David truely loved Brady and we are truly appreciative of the time we each got to spend with him. He will be missed greatly.
In another note, Brady is doing extremely well with his treatment. Like I said before, no spasms! His EEG was not 100% but it was much improved. They are still seeing some spikes in different areas of his brain but his neuroligist says that is to be expected. We have taken his dose down yet again to .12 (from .37 to .30 to .24) and next will we will drop it to .6!! which is just a drop! He is truely a miracle baby. The Doctor's had told us at the beginning of this journey that we could expect some REgressing in his development, loss of muscle tone, and just an overall not developing on tract with others his age. Well, I am here to tell you that Brady has started Rolling over!, he is trying so so very hard to crawl and sit up! He is doing everything that he should be doing and we couldn't be happier! God is in controll of my son, not the medicine! Continue to Pray because HE is hearing your prayers, and HE is faithful to answer them. Here is a little more about what all has gone on this month.. in pictures...

Brady getting pushed around (already) by his cousin Arrington

Brady's first 4-wheeler ride with Poppy! He is out like a light!

Brady's first time in the pool and he LOVED it!

Brady with his GeeGee and Aunt Didda

Brady with "Cole" and Katherine

Brady in his Daddy's old high chair at his GeeGee's house

Chris, Brady and me Mother's Day 2009 at his Baby Dedication service

Happy Mother's Day in deed!

Brady with Nanna and Poppy at lunch after church on Mother's Day

All the children (except Josh) Mother's Day 2009 with Mom and Memaw

Brady with his Best Friend Forever Sawyer!

Brady and me making Chris a meatloaf .. I hate meatloaf and I have never tried to cook a meatloaf, but we wanted to make daddy a special supper and I think we succedded!

Brady had a hand in preparing the meal too!

And here is the end result! Love my bowls?!?!? Me too! thanks GeeGee!

Chris and Brady in a stare-off! Wonder who will win?

As you can tell, it has been a crazy few weeks. We will go back to the Doctor the first week of June, but I will try to keep you updated on what goes on till then!

Take Care till then


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Need a good Laugh?

OH he is just going to hate me one day!! But Chris saw this at Northpark last night and had to buy it!! I bet you cant look at this and not smile :) Just a smiling like his momma! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

March of Dimes 5k

Ok.. so for those of you guys who know me, you know walking isn't my thing... sweating in any form or fashion isn't my thing. I am all for inside and air conditioning! But when asked by my sister to do a 5k walk for the March of Dimes, for some strange reason, I agreed. March of Dimes is for all of those sweet preemies that spend the first part of their tiny lives in the NICU without any control over what happens to them. Now my Brady was not born early, but for complications that were out of our control, he did have to spend time in the NICU. We were not in then NICU very long, but nevertheless, we were still in there and I know the heartache of a parent who has to do the "3 minute" scrub down just to go see their precious baby. So I decided to do the walk. To help raise money and awareness for the March of Dimes organization. Brady and myself went to Ridgeland with my sister Allie, Sister in Law Brittany, and her two children Riley and Halea. After meeting up at the Baptist Hospital tent and doing a quick warm up (not really) we started walking from The Renaissance on Highland Colony Rd and walked 1.5 miles up Highland Colony Road and then 1.5 miles back!!!!!!!!!!! While pushing Brady! Allie Draging Riley, and Brittany hitching a ride with Halea because she got a Blister on her foot!! Haha! I just kept repeating under my breath, "this is for the babies... all those sick babies" WOW! I am telling you! If I am going to continue with with whole walking thing (and that's a big HUGE if) then i am going to need some new shoes! I even had a Blister at the end of the day! But God is good, it was overcast and Breezy that morning.. oh did i mention that I had to be there at 8:30! I wouldn't even recognize me if I didn't know it was me :) I am glad I did it though. And I know Brady is glad we did it too!
Allie, Me, Brittany, Riley, Brady, and Halea Before the walkThis is Brady's special friend Brandy. She was his nurse when he was in the NICU. It was great seeing her again and I know she was glad to see Brady. She is pregnant with her second child so Congratulations Brandy!! (from Brady and me!)

Riley and Halea with Brittany in the Ambulance. It was there incase people like myself didnt make it! haha.. Kidding! (or am I?)

Mr. Brady after the 3 mile walk.. Dosen't even look out of breath does he? He is acutally just waking up!! Lucky boy!

Till next time


Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Eye" can see!!

As promised... We went yesterday to the eye dr. We have really been looking forward to this because since birth, we have been concerned about his vision. The blood clot had damaged a part in his brain that dealt with visual interpertation and we didnt know if that was going to affect his ability to see or not. The first couple of months of life it was pretty obvious that he couldnt see well. He would not follow anything or focus on anything. He wasnt reaching for any toys or trying to roll over. We were obviously pretty concerned. The past couple of weeks have been a complete difference!! He can find you from across the room and will focus on you and follow you wherever you go. He will find you up close, which was another problem, and just smile at you. He is reaching for toys and for faces. Just a completely different baby. The Doctor we saw was dr Mungan @ UMC. He was great. His staff was wonderful and I even met another mom of a 7 month old in the waiting room and we talk and compared babies the whole time. He gave us a great report!! After Dilating Brady's eyes :) hehehe, he was able to look at his eyes and tell that he would not need glasses. He was impressed with his fixing and following. He didnt follow so well on the right side (his blood clot was on the left side and the brain is opposite) so that makes sence. He thinks that will correct itself in time. The baby's brain is an ever evolving organ that will change so much so I really feel strongly that when we go back in 6 months we will see that corrected!! He did, however, get "Memaw" sunglasses as I like to call them. They remind me of my Memaw. Every time you get in her car she has a couple of pairs in her cup holders. When we were kids we would all wear them when we rode with her. So I couldnt wait to get Brady in his new pair! And I made him wear him as we walked out of the hospital!! He got a lot of looks and laughs. He will hunt me down one day, but I dont care. You can't tell me that's not the funniest thing you've ever seen!!!
Praise God AGAIN!! Another Miracle for my baby!

Friday, May 1, 2009

What a BUSY month!

I know its been a while but I am going to try my hardest to update you about the month of April without leaving anything out! We have been to the Dr. twice since our last post and both times we have been given GREAT reports! We have dropped the ACTH dose twice now from .37 to .3 now to .24!! Brady is responding beautifully to it too! We are getting to take him more places now because his immune system is growing stronger, but now thanks to the swine flu we might cut that back... Brady has had a few visitors this month. He finally got to see Aunt Trisha! Its has been a while but she came over and gave him a bottle. We are glad we got to spend time with her this month! He also got a visit from Aunt Brandi! After several attempts at a picture we finally got a "decent" one... even though he sorda has a crazy look on his face :)And of course we got to go visit Nana and Poppy at work! He always loves doing that and I am pretty sure they dont mind either...
Good picture Nana! But Brady has on his mad face.. you cant see his smile because of those cheeks! haha
And we cant forget about Brady's first visit from the Easter Bunny! We didnt get to go to church Easter Sunday but Jesus understands.. We will be there next year though... Here is Brady very excited about Easter... you can just see his excitement .. haha
But here is all his Easter Baskets from Nana, Aunt Sissy and Aunt Brandi! (dont tell Brady that his momma didnt get him one, I thought he had enough)
Last week we had two very special visitors! Gee Gee and Pawpaw!! Since Pawpaw has been sick it has been pretty hard to get these two guys together but we managed to do it saturday. Chris finally got to BBQ some chicken and PawPaw and Brady got to hang out a little bit...
Paw Paw even let Brady wear his hat! Which looked Great on him by the way!!
Since then, Brady's PawPaw (Chris' dad) got put back in the hospital. He got some pretty bad news this month that his cancer was no longer responding to the chemo that they are giving him. There is a different type of Chemo that they can try that will be a trial and if that dosent work they may look into going to Texas to a hospital that specializes in Cancer. Please continue to pray for him .. he is a David Wooten, just like our little David Brady Wooten and these guys have been battling illnesses for way too long now. Pray we get a miracle or at least some relief. God hears your prayers and he is faithful to answer them. Please Pray for these two guys!
You can tell summer is coming in Mississippi! It is already in the 80's and feeling every bit of it. Brady got some pool time at Nana and Poppy's house last weekend and I can not quite laughing every time i see this picture.. all he is missing is an umbrella for his drink and a lady fanning him off! what a riot!!
We have also had some major milestones this month! He had begun playing with toys! He loves this toy .. he just spins it and spins it while he is waiting on his waitress..errr.. mommy to make his meals. He is also rolling over now. I know its a little later that usual but he is 23 pounds and every bit of it! It has to be hard to get all that moving... haha! He has also learned to squeel this month and boy does he love to do that! He hits notes that I have never heard in my life! He laughs, he simile, he sings, he rolls, he plays, he sleeps great... all that is proof that HE LIVES! Praise God every day for what Brady is accomplishing. He is surpassing his Dr.s expectations. They are truely amazed at his progress. I know he will be fine.
Ok! You are now updated on our lives! HaHa!! We did go to the Eye dr today but I have got to get that picture from my phone to my computer so I can tell that miracle story to you! Watch out for that blog next!
Praise God,