Wednesday, May 6, 2009

March of Dimes 5k

Ok.. so for those of you guys who know me, you know walking isn't my thing... sweating in any form or fashion isn't my thing. I am all for inside and air conditioning! But when asked by my sister to do a 5k walk for the March of Dimes, for some strange reason, I agreed. March of Dimes is for all of those sweet preemies that spend the first part of their tiny lives in the NICU without any control over what happens to them. Now my Brady was not born early, but for complications that were out of our control, he did have to spend time in the NICU. We were not in then NICU very long, but nevertheless, we were still in there and I know the heartache of a parent who has to do the "3 minute" scrub down just to go see their precious baby. So I decided to do the walk. To help raise money and awareness for the March of Dimes organization. Brady and myself went to Ridgeland with my sister Allie, Sister in Law Brittany, and her two children Riley and Halea. After meeting up at the Baptist Hospital tent and doing a quick warm up (not really) we started walking from The Renaissance on Highland Colony Rd and walked 1.5 miles up Highland Colony Road and then 1.5 miles back!!!!!!!!!!! While pushing Brady! Allie Draging Riley, and Brittany hitching a ride with Halea because she got a Blister on her foot!! Haha! I just kept repeating under my breath, "this is for the babies... all those sick babies" WOW! I am telling you! If I am going to continue with with whole walking thing (and that's a big HUGE if) then i am going to need some new shoes! I even had a Blister at the end of the day! But God is good, it was overcast and Breezy that morning.. oh did i mention that I had to be there at 8:30! I wouldn't even recognize me if I didn't know it was me :) I am glad I did it though. And I know Brady is glad we did it too!
Allie, Me, Brittany, Riley, Brady, and Halea Before the walkThis is Brady's special friend Brandy. She was his nurse when he was in the NICU. It was great seeing her again and I know she was glad to see Brady. She is pregnant with her second child so Congratulations Brandy!! (from Brady and me!)

Riley and Halea with Brittany in the Ambulance. It was there incase people like myself didnt make it! haha.. Kidding! (or am I?)

Mr. Brady after the 3 mile walk.. Dosen't even look out of breath does he? He is acutally just waking up!! Lucky boy!

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