Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bitter Sweet

So it seems I have let my blogging get behind so I will attempt to catch you up with this one. This has been a very up and down month already! Up in the fact that Brady is doing better. No spasms, had a much improved EEG taken on May 13, only 3 weeks left on this medicine. Down in the fact that also on May 13 we lost Chris' dad, my father-in-law, and Brady's pawpaw to cancer. He had been battling and I do mean battling this cancer since the week of our wedding a year and a half ago. Mr David gave it all he had. He did what the Dr.s said, he did every kind of chemo they had to offer, but after all that chemo he still lost a very long, hard, courageous battle. We are so happy with the memories that we have with him. (Chris' 29 years, my 8 years, and Brady's 7 months of memories) We are also so very glad that we have great pictures of him with Brady. Mr. David will never be forgotten. Brady will know all the great things he did, and how much he loved him.
This is Mr. David with Brady and Wyatt (Brady's cousin) the day after Brady was bornMr. David, with Chris and Brady Thanksgiving 2008Brady with PawPaw in February 2008The last pictures taken with them together 18 days before Mr. David passed away.
These are great memories for Brady and for our family. Mr. David truely loved Brady and we are truly appreciative of the time we each got to spend with him. He will be missed greatly.
In another note, Brady is doing extremely well with his treatment. Like I said before, no spasms! His EEG was not 100% but it was much improved. They are still seeing some spikes in different areas of his brain but his neuroligist says that is to be expected. We have taken his dose down yet again to .12 (from .37 to .30 to .24) and next will we will drop it to .6!! which is just a drop! He is truely a miracle baby. The Doctor's had told us at the beginning of this journey that we could expect some REgressing in his development, loss of muscle tone, and just an overall not developing on tract with others his age. Well, I am here to tell you that Brady has started Rolling over!, he is trying so so very hard to crawl and sit up! He is doing everything that he should be doing and we couldn't be happier! God is in controll of my son, not the medicine! Continue to Pray because HE is hearing your prayers, and HE is faithful to answer them. Here is a little more about what all has gone on this month.. in pictures...

Brady getting pushed around (already) by his cousin Arrington

Brady's first 4-wheeler ride with Poppy! He is out like a light!

Brady's first time in the pool and he LOVED it!

Brady with his GeeGee and Aunt Didda

Brady with "Cole" and Katherine

Brady in his Daddy's old high chair at his GeeGee's house

Chris, Brady and me Mother's Day 2009 at his Baby Dedication service

Happy Mother's Day in deed!

Brady with Nanna and Poppy at lunch after church on Mother's Day

All the children (except Josh) Mother's Day 2009 with Mom and Memaw

Brady with his Best Friend Forever Sawyer!

Brady and me making Chris a meatloaf .. I hate meatloaf and I have never tried to cook a meatloaf, but we wanted to make daddy a special supper and I think we succedded!

Brady had a hand in preparing the meal too!

And here is the end result! Love my bowls?!?!? Me too! thanks GeeGee!

Chris and Brady in a stare-off! Wonder who will win?

As you can tell, it has been a crazy few weeks. We will go back to the Doctor the first week of June, but I will try to keep you updated on what goes on till then!

Take Care till then


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Patty said...

Pictures I'll treasure forever. The staring stand-off... i KNOW who won. Our Brady! Chris never was good at keeping a stare, Haha.

Mama Patty