Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Eye" can see!!

As promised... We went yesterday to the eye dr. We have really been looking forward to this because since birth, we have been concerned about his vision. The blood clot had damaged a part in his brain that dealt with visual interpertation and we didnt know if that was going to affect his ability to see or not. The first couple of months of life it was pretty obvious that he couldnt see well. He would not follow anything or focus on anything. He wasnt reaching for any toys or trying to roll over. We were obviously pretty concerned. The past couple of weeks have been a complete difference!! He can find you from across the room and will focus on you and follow you wherever you go. He will find you up close, which was another problem, and just smile at you. He is reaching for toys and for faces. Just a completely different baby. The Doctor we saw was dr Mungan @ UMC. He was great. His staff was wonderful and I even met another mom of a 7 month old in the waiting room and we talk and compared babies the whole time. He gave us a great report!! After Dilating Brady's eyes :) hehehe, he was able to look at his eyes and tell that he would not need glasses. He was impressed with his fixing and following. He didnt follow so well on the right side (his blood clot was on the left side and the brain is opposite) so that makes sence. He thinks that will correct itself in time. The baby's brain is an ever evolving organ that will change so much so I really feel strongly that when we go back in 6 months we will see that corrected!! He did, however, get "Memaw" sunglasses as I like to call them. They remind me of my Memaw. Every time you get in her car she has a couple of pairs in her cup holders. When we were kids we would all wear them when we rode with her. So I couldnt wait to get Brady in his new pair! And I made him wear him as we walked out of the hospital!! He got a lot of looks and laughs. He will hunt me down one day, but I dont care. You can't tell me that's not the funniest thing you've ever seen!!!
Praise God AGAIN!! Another Miracle for my baby!


Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

That is WONDERFUL news!!! God is taking care of that baby boy.

Thin in 2010 said...

I was so glad to see that you blogged. Our internet has been being stupid this weekend so I just read both blogs tonight. Praise God for all those answers to prayers. I wish I could somehow get you a clip of Parker praying for "baby Brady" at night. I pray for him during my prayer time too but everynight Parker says his prayers. He repeats everything I say. Tonight, we were praying and I said "Please heal" and he said "Please heal baby Brady". I didn't even have to tell him anymore. I think maybe the cries of children are heard even more loudly than ours coming from such pure hearts! I am so glad God is healing your little man! He is such a cutie. I will pray for Chris' dad too. It sounds like he is a fighter and I will pray that God will reward his efforts with a healed body.

Patty said...

Those glasses ARE the funnies thing on him. And Jen, he is not gonna hunt you down. He'll just destroy your computer! LOL

GREAT cause, MofDimes. So proud that Mr. Brady made you walk that far for all the little sick babes. He's such a lucky kid to have a mom & dad like ya'll.