Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just another exciting day...

Well we went to the Dr today and it looks like the spasms he is having have decreased a lot! They finally read the EEG and said it looks good. He is starting to have a little more seizure activity out of his temperal lobe so we are going to start him on yet another seizure medicine... But the good news is we should start taking him off the other 2 seizure meds he is currently on pretty soon. This is great news to me!! The spasms (which are the big deal) are going away and the injections are working!!! So we are going to keep on keeping on. We are starting week 4 of the shots .. only 8 more to go after that. I know this will work!
In other news today is mine and Chris' 8 year dating anniversary!!! yes...8 years! So Happy Anniversary babe! and here is to at least 8 more :) This was us on my 18th birthday 6 1/2 years ago...When we got home we ate a late lunch and Brady thought he could feed himself so I let him try.. Then he wouldn't give me the spoon back so I could finish feeding him..

Thank God for good news!! and thank you for your prayers!

Jenny & Brady

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Look at that Happy Boy! Now you might not think this is a big deal, but since Brady has been on all this medicine and since he has been having all of these seizures, it is VERY VERY VERY rare that we get a smile out of him. And usually he has a blank stare on his face and he smiles quickly then its over. I have seen him smile two or three times in the last couple of weeks even the past month. But when I woke him up from his morning nap and put him on his changing table.. like i used to do... he gave me the biggest grin!! So I ran and got my camera and he did it again for me. That is proof that under this fussy, miserable, medicated baby my Brady is still there! I prayed so hard last night and obviously so did a lot of people. I take this as a good sign.. Just wanted to share!
P.S. - Incase I didnt explain it very well, this medicine that he is on is going to make him gain quite a bit of weight (obviously) But as soon as we stop the medicines it should go back to normal. That is why he looks soo round faced.. I didn't even notice it bad until I saw this picture :)

My new Guilty Pleasure...

I watched Oprah today (it was yesterday's show) and I can not wait to get this book! I was laughing out loud while I was watching it! The writers are too funny. The stories are spot on about the whole motherhood thing. This is actually the newest in a series of books by the same authors. (I was a really good mom before I had kids... Dirty Little secrets from otherwise perfect moms)I am not a reader by anymeans but this is something I think I can relate to. But since I am budgeting right now I might just go to the bookstore and read a chaper every time I get the chance.. haha.

Monday, April 6, 2009

First trip to the E.R.

What a beautiful boy Its Hard to believe that with all of Brady's medical history we have never been to and E. R. Not to worry! Brady is fine... for the moment anyways. Mom and Dad kept him last night because Sunday night he woke up at 11:00pm and didnt go back to sleep until after breakfast!!! The whole time he was doing this horrible whiney cry thing...THE WHOLE TIME! His head arches back soo far it looks like it is going to pop off his body! Needless to say it dosent look very comfortable. He chokes on his saliva while he is arching back too.. not a fun time all around! Anyway, he started doing the same thing today and since our regular Neuroligist is out of town (not sure why) we called the Neuroligist on call and he wanted to see him just to check him out. We still havent got the results from the video eeg they did the other night. The dr's are confused on it. Brady seems to be confusing a lot of Dr.'s. They can't tell if all the tensing up is a type of seizure, or if its gastric pains and he is just tensing up his muscles to relieve it. Either way the EEG shows a cluster of brain waves when he is doing it and they cant tell which one it is. They are having some specialist look at it today. Hopefuly we will have some results come Wednesday. Since Dr. Parker is out of town, we will be seeing Dr. Vada. We ended up cutting back on some of his medicines today (which is rare) and cutting his shot back to every other day instead of every day. It is alway good to cut medicines back instead of adding to his already long list of them. So we should see some results in the next couple of days! I pray its Gas!!! If it is the spasms still (which none of the Dr.s think it is) then that means the ACTH is not working and we will probally stop the injections. That is not a good thing.. Because that is the only medicine in the USA approved to stop the spasms. God Please Please Please dont let the spasms be coming back!!! I know the power of my God. I know he will not give me or Brady anything that we can not handle. And I know he will be right here with us while we are going through it all. I also know he is the God of miracles and I pray for one everyday. We have see him work in Brady's life since day one of Brady's life and I know he is not about to stop now! Please pray for such a miracle.. Pray that he preforms such an awsome miracle that there is no denying the work of God! I pray he stops the Dr.s and Nurses in their tracks.. I pray he leaves them scratching their head saying "what just happened here" I dont just pray that he will be ok.. I pray that he will be Great! Perfect! ExtraOrdinary! A living Proof of God's work and of God's love! I hope you pray for the same. This week (yesterday) 2000 years ago Jesus was getting beaten over and over. His flesh was being ripped off his body. He was being laughed at, taunted, murdered all so we can live and have an everlasting life with his daddy. Isaiah 53:5 says " He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisment of our peace was upon him; and by his stripes we are healed" I claim that everyday for Brady! That by the striped of Jesus Christ, he will be healed. Thank you Jesus for doing what you did so I can be here today with this peace I have about my baby, your child. And thank you for choosing him to witness to so many. I know your work has just begun in his little life and we will see great things from him, thanks to you! Well, I will let you know what we find out Wednesday. Hopefully Great news. How great would it be to hear it's just gas or an upset stomach... so simple... Pray Pray Pray Until Wednesday, Jenny P.S. off the topic.. did anyone catch House tonight! I am still so upset. How shocking!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Yet another hospital stay... BOO!

Not Again!
That's right, we stayed overnight last night at the UMC and we are just gettin home. This past week, Brady has been having a different type of seizure activity, or what we thought was seizure activity, but it was confirmed today. The past week or so he has been throwing his head back and screaming and everyday it has gotten more frequent. So when we went for our weekly check up our Neuroligist, Dr. Parker, just wanted to be safe and watch him overnight. So they put us in the video telemitry (???) room at the hospital and hooked him up to and EEG machine. This way they could watch the video of him and if he did anything they thought was weird (like the kicking his head back thing) they could look at the eeg read and see if he was having abnormal brain activity at the same time. According to the on-call Neuroligist, Dr. Vada, there was still some seizure/ spasm brain activity but they were going to get a epilepsy specialist to review it over the weekend and then we will see what we are dealing with. We will go back to the dr monday for the results. Pray Pray Pray that these spasms will stop for good!! We have a 70% chance that this medicine will work. But there is that 30% chance that it won't and with him still having spasms on week 3 of the medicine, its a little nerve racking!! We are still going to stick with once a day shots until we see Dr. Parker Monday, then she might want to change things up... depending on the results of this EEG. I took a few pictures of him last night and this morning...
Getting the EEG machine hooked upDaddy watching closelyKatie and Nanna holding him down :) or just destracting him...He is not too happy about this!Ok, all doneHey dad!There's my momma!!me and my daddy...WHAT?!?! now it's gotta come off!!

Now thats more like it!

Well naturally we couldn't wait to get home and he is sleeping so good! I need to be doing the same thing!! I will let you know how Monday goes...

Till then,