Friday, April 3, 2009

Yet another hospital stay... BOO!

Not Again!
That's right, we stayed overnight last night at the UMC and we are just gettin home. This past week, Brady has been having a different type of seizure activity, or what we thought was seizure activity, but it was confirmed today. The past week or so he has been throwing his head back and screaming and everyday it has gotten more frequent. So when we went for our weekly check up our Neuroligist, Dr. Parker, just wanted to be safe and watch him overnight. So they put us in the video telemitry (???) room at the hospital and hooked him up to and EEG machine. This way they could watch the video of him and if he did anything they thought was weird (like the kicking his head back thing) they could look at the eeg read and see if he was having abnormal brain activity at the same time. According to the on-call Neuroligist, Dr. Vada, there was still some seizure/ spasm brain activity but they were going to get a epilepsy specialist to review it over the weekend and then we will see what we are dealing with. We will go back to the dr monday for the results. Pray Pray Pray that these spasms will stop for good!! We have a 70% chance that this medicine will work. But there is that 30% chance that it won't and with him still having spasms on week 3 of the medicine, its a little nerve racking!! We are still going to stick with once a day shots until we see Dr. Parker Monday, then she might want to change things up... depending on the results of this EEG. I took a few pictures of him last night and this morning...
Getting the EEG machine hooked upDaddy watching closelyKatie and Nanna holding him down :) or just destracting him...He is not too happy about this!Ok, all doneHey dad!There's my momma!!me and my daddy...WHAT?!?! now it's gotta come off!!

Now thats more like it!

Well naturally we couldn't wait to get home and he is sleeping so good! I need to be doing the same thing!! I will let you know how Monday goes...

Till then,



Thin in 2010 said...

Oh girl...that brought tears to my eyes! You are so strong! Keep up the courage. Parker and I still pray for him every single night. He will overcome this!

I pray for you and Chris guys are just amazing!

robbie said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.