Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Look at that Happy Boy! Now you might not think this is a big deal, but since Brady has been on all this medicine and since he has been having all of these seizures, it is VERY VERY VERY rare that we get a smile out of him. And usually he has a blank stare on his face and he smiles quickly then its over. I have seen him smile two or three times in the last couple of weeks even the past month. But when I woke him up from his morning nap and put him on his changing table.. like i used to do... he gave me the biggest grin!! So I ran and got my camera and he did it again for me. That is proof that under this fussy, miserable, medicated baby my Brady is still there! I prayed so hard last night and obviously so did a lot of people. I take this as a good sign.. Just wanted to share!
P.S. - Incase I didnt explain it very well, this medicine that he is on is going to make him gain quite a bit of weight (obviously) But as soon as we stop the medicines it should go back to normal. That is why he looks soo round faced.. I didn't even notice it bad until I saw this picture :)


Patty said...

What a precious picture! I do have beautiful grandkids! ;) Never underestimate the healing powers of Prayers! Mr. Brady is proof of that. Luv, GeeGee

Extreme said...
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Anson said...

Awesome picture!!