Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take me out to the Ballgame!

Tonight we took Brady to his very First Baseball Game...

...and he LOVED it!

He is such a happy baby and he Loves to be outside!

So we knew he was gonna Love it.

He was such a Studd with his spiked up hair!

He never got cranky either.. we were very surprised...

Plus we had cookies! He will do anything for Cookies! 

He couldn't get this one in his mouth fast enough :)

He wasen't too sure about this guy

(and mommy wan not ready for the picture)

Couldn't you just kiss his face off??

 He was so intrested in Chris' visor or sunglasses, we couldn't figure out which...

Such a Daddy's Boy...

Love my Boys!

How Handsome :)

He Loves his mommy too though...

Here's the Braves Future Left-Handed Pitcher!!

Time to go home Already???

And he's too excited to sleep!

What a night...

What a memory!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DIY Earring holder...Super Easy!!!

If your like me, and you have a drawer full of dangly earrings and you can never find a matching set when you need them, or when you pull out one you get a ball of others that are all connected ... Then this post is for you! I found this project on one of the fabulous blogs that I stalk and went to Hobby Lobby and  Home Depot and on that very same day I made this super easy earring display.

All you need is an old frame.. of decent size.. I found one at Hobby Lobby in the clearance section for practically nothing because it had a few scratches on it...

Next, some screen... I went for the plastic  Pet screen (its thicker and more durable feeling) not the metal... but you can do whatever style you like. Plus, the screen that I found and liked was open so the lady at Home Depot gave it to me for half off... Cant beat that!

You will also need a staple gun (Home Depot for less than $10.00...Seriously), some Ribbon (the color or style of your choice...This gives you the oportunity to give it your own flair), and a pair of Scissors... Thats it!

In just a few short steps, you will have your very own wall art!

1.)Lay the frame on the screen and cut out the screen around the outside peremeter of the frame...

2.) Flip the frame over and staple the screen to the back of the frame... remember to pull tight... Start in the middle of the top then go to the middle of the bottom, then the middle of the sides ... THEN hit up the corners

The more staples the better.. I mean, It cant hurt it...

3.) Cut two pieces of ribbon about a foot long each

4.) Staple the ribbons to the back of the frame... REMEMBER to make sure they are the same legnth from the sides that way your frame dosen't hang crooked...
I stapled it under the screen , by the way...

5.) Tie the ribbon in a nice bow and hang on the wall ... decorate it with your earrings and...
Your own personalized wall art!

I hope you enjoyed reading how easy this was.. Hopefully you give it a try!

Why buy it, when you can make it?

Till next time,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bet you Didn't know... I could SEW!!

Well Neither did I! Thats right, I have never in my life sat down at a sewing machine but, while "blog stalking" the other day I saw an amazing post on round table coverings and said to myself...

"self, you can do that!"

I had never even thought about covering my tables because they were bought to be displayed... They were bought as a set ... they were bought for a lot of money... they were bought because the glass top was so beautiful... then I had a baby.. and that baby became a toddler... and I got tired of cleaning glass!!! Now, I dont want to put all the blame on sweet Brady... On one table sits a PS3 and all the georgous cords that go with it and under the other we are housing a subwoofer, and an extension cord with plugs for the laptop, the lamp, the subwoofer, etc... CORDS CORDS CORDS!

HaHaHa.. Don't you just Love my Beauty School Glamour Shot?!?!

You think this would have bothered me before now but for some reason I have never thought about covering it up... until I saw what It could look like...

On Friday Night I read the blog and on Saturday morning I was at hobby Lobby buying fabric... something I had NEVER done before! I go to Hobby Lobby weekly and have never stepped foot in the fabric section.. but on Saturday, I did. Well, we did.. Thats right, the very first time I went to match and buy fabrics I took my 18 month old son! CRAZY, I know (now)! So it was a quick trip... I got the fabric, some straight pens, a pen cushion, and a measuring tape ribbon... I am starting from scratch here...

Then off to my Mother-in-Law's to borrow her never been used, fresh out of the box, Singer Sewing Machine.  Thats right, I got to break this thing in... ME, a completely unexperienced sewer! Good thing she trust me :)

So with fabric, accessories, and sewing machine in hand, off to the house I go...I laid Brady down for a nap then crack that sewing machine open and read the instruction book cover to cover.. I learned what every part of that machine did and where it was and why it was there... I had no idea! Next thing you know I was on the floor cutting fabric! By 3am that morning I was done with the first table! HAHA.. but hey, a flood starts with a rain drop .. because last night I finished up the second one!

By no means are these tableclothes perfect! They would have been darn close though if I was any good at math! I got my measurments wrong by 10"so that was fun... I just got some scrap fabric and made up the difference.. the patters goes every direction but Who Cares??? It dosen't have to be perfect to be beautiful, Right?

Not too bad for my first time, huh?? Not too Shabby at all...I mean, I'm pretty much a Seamstress now.