Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take me out to the Ballgame!

Tonight we took Brady to his very First Baseball Game...

...and he LOVED it!

He is such a happy baby and he Loves to be outside!

So we knew he was gonna Love it.

He was such a Studd with his spiked up hair!

He never got cranky either.. we were very surprised...

Plus we had cookies! He will do anything for Cookies! 

He couldn't get this one in his mouth fast enough :)

He wasen't too sure about this guy

(and mommy wan not ready for the picture)

Couldn't you just kiss his face off??

 He was so intrested in Chris' visor or sunglasses, we couldn't figure out which...

Such a Daddy's Boy...

Love my Boys!

How Handsome :)

He Loves his mommy too though...

Here's the Braves Future Left-Handed Pitcher!!

Time to go home Already???

And he's too excited to sleep!

What a night...

What a memory!


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Anna said...

I LOVE his hair! He is so handsome!