Friday, May 1, 2009

What a BUSY month!

I know its been a while but I am going to try my hardest to update you about the month of April without leaving anything out! We have been to the Dr. twice since our last post and both times we have been given GREAT reports! We have dropped the ACTH dose twice now from .37 to .3 now to .24!! Brady is responding beautifully to it too! We are getting to take him more places now because his immune system is growing stronger, but now thanks to the swine flu we might cut that back... Brady has had a few visitors this month. He finally got to see Aunt Trisha! Its has been a while but she came over and gave him a bottle. We are glad we got to spend time with her this month! He also got a visit from Aunt Brandi! After several attempts at a picture we finally got a "decent" one... even though he sorda has a crazy look on his face :)And of course we got to go visit Nana and Poppy at work! He always loves doing that and I am pretty sure they dont mind either...
Good picture Nana! But Brady has on his mad face.. you cant see his smile because of those cheeks! haha
And we cant forget about Brady's first visit from the Easter Bunny! We didnt get to go to church Easter Sunday but Jesus understands.. We will be there next year though... Here is Brady very excited about Easter... you can just see his excitement .. haha
But here is all his Easter Baskets from Nana, Aunt Sissy and Aunt Brandi! (dont tell Brady that his momma didnt get him one, I thought he had enough)
Last week we had two very special visitors! Gee Gee and Pawpaw!! Since Pawpaw has been sick it has been pretty hard to get these two guys together but we managed to do it saturday. Chris finally got to BBQ some chicken and PawPaw and Brady got to hang out a little bit...
Paw Paw even let Brady wear his hat! Which looked Great on him by the way!!
Since then, Brady's PawPaw (Chris' dad) got put back in the hospital. He got some pretty bad news this month that his cancer was no longer responding to the chemo that they are giving him. There is a different type of Chemo that they can try that will be a trial and if that dosent work they may look into going to Texas to a hospital that specializes in Cancer. Please continue to pray for him .. he is a David Wooten, just like our little David Brady Wooten and these guys have been battling illnesses for way too long now. Pray we get a miracle or at least some relief. God hears your prayers and he is faithful to answer them. Please Pray for these two guys!
You can tell summer is coming in Mississippi! It is already in the 80's and feeling every bit of it. Brady got some pool time at Nana and Poppy's house last weekend and I can not quite laughing every time i see this picture.. all he is missing is an umbrella for his drink and a lady fanning him off! what a riot!!
We have also had some major milestones this month! He had begun playing with toys! He loves this toy .. he just spins it and spins it while he is waiting on his waitress..errr.. mommy to make his meals. He is also rolling over now. I know its a little later that usual but he is 23 pounds and every bit of it! It has to be hard to get all that moving... haha! He has also learned to squeel this month and boy does he love to do that! He hits notes that I have never heard in my life! He laughs, he simile, he sings, he rolls, he plays, he sleeps great... all that is proof that HE LIVES! Praise God every day for what Brady is accomplishing. He is surpassing his Dr.s expectations. They are truely amazed at his progress. I know he will be fine.
Ok! You are now updated on our lives! HaHa!! We did go to the Eye dr today but I have got to get that picture from my phone to my computer so I can tell that miracle story to you! Watch out for that blog next!
Praise God,

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Patty said...

Reading ur BUSY month, I was listening to "Healing Rain". We can see God's Healing in Brady, even now. And Papaw was healed, finally. But in God's way, not man's. For those blessings I am truly thankful.

Give Mr. Brady a sloppy kiss from GeeGee... I'll do that, too, when ya'll return from Memphis.