Tuesday, September 30, 2008

39 weeks pregnant!!!

Ok, so we (my mom and me) went to the Dr. today for our last prenatal check-up and I have finally started to dialate!!! I am at 1cm and about 60% effaced or thinned out! That is great great progress...Brady's heartrate was 142 which was good and my blood pressure was on the high side, but she wasn't toooo concerned with that.. So the plan is... I will go in Monday night and she will do something to "ripen" my cervix and then start giving me inducing drugs first thing Tuesday morning... on Oct 7, we should have our baby boy!! Now all that is IF I haven't gone into labor on my own before then, which is a possibility.... expecially with the Fair coming into town tomorrow.... you know I am gonna be walking that midway eating some good food.. so with enough walking, I could go on into labor on my own..which would be alright too! Either way I am a week away (at least) from meeting Brady!! I am soo excited!! I will keep you posted on whatever happens.. I am sure I can get computer access at the hospital, so I will let you know how it goes! Cross your fingers for us... We're gonna be parents!! This could be my last blog as a married woman with no children... ha! weird!! Jenny