Wednesday, September 17, 2008

37 weeks pregnant...Full Term!!

I hit my 37 week mark Monday!! and yesterday I went to the Dr. for my weekly visit.. She said all is good! I have started to "thin out" some but not dialating yet.. which is fine, but that should start soon... hopefully.. i'm not rushing it but I am pretty curious to meet my son so "lets get on with it"!! I guess at this point its just a waiting game. I have a baby shower Sunday and I am super excited about it! But other than that, I believe I am ready! ~I have got his nursery all set up.. I am usually in there at least once every day just looking around.. ~I have got all his clothes washed ( in dreft) and waiting on him... Dreft smells like babies, so his nursery already smells like what I think a baby smells like! ~I got a call from the day care that we have had him on the waiting list for since January and they have him a spot, so that is great!! What a relief! ~His carseat is already strapped in! ~I finished finalizing the phone tree (list) of people Chirs or someone is to call when it all happens. So now its just on to stocking up on diapers and baby stuff and just waiting... good thing I am a patient person..ha! (not really) I can not believe I am carrying around a full term infant in my stomach all day everyday ( it explains the constant state of exhaustion) I am just sooooo very ready to see who/ what he looks like! Anxious really... black hair? blond hair? my lips? Chris' eyes? I mean what will he look like???? oh well, not much longer... I go back next week .. same day... same time! So i will just catch you all up to speed then... See ya next week! Jenny

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