Thursday, March 19, 2009

Haven't they ever heard of a schedule?!?!

Finally REST!!
Brady started getting his injections last night (once we got the doseage under contol) and he is doing great.. He has only had one "cluster" of spasms today. Chris just came up there to relieve me of my post so I could come home and get a shower (and Blog, of course). Today has been ridiculous though.. 6am- heel stick to check glucose & serum glucose 7am- BP check, temp...just the vitals 8am- more blood work, didnt get enough at 6 to test glucose 9:30- meds.. Finally! He is used to getting them at 8:30! 11:00- I finally go and get our nurse so he can get his shot (that he was supposed to get at 9AM!) all the while Brady is trying his hardest to get a nap. He gets good and to sleep and they come in, flip on the light, flip him over, time after time again.. The poor baby is just tired and wants a nap! Things will change in the morning though.. we will get it all done at once or we will come back when he wakes up! He is so used to his schedule and this is throwing him for a loop! I pray this medicine will work and will control his spasms and that he will be a perfect normal little boy , then young man, and so on.. but while I was praying that I also realized that I was praying for God to work through Brady and let his little life be a great testimony for anyone he meets. At that moment it hit me. God has a plan for Brady. This plan is already set into action and there is nothing we can do to change it. I can hope it goes one way, but what right have I got to tell our almighty God what to do with his own children. God will use Brady, wether it be through a little boy with handicaps or delays or worse.. or be it through a perfectly little healthy boy. I am just thankful that I will have front row seats to the awsome life that that little man leads. I have a peace about it all. God is in control of the situation, and has been from the beginning. The only reason we are in the hospital is to "train" how to draw up and give him injection so tonight we (well, one of us) will be giving Brady a shot for the first time... Pray for Brady and Us! ahahha. We are looking to be going home tomorrow! Keep him in your prayers. I will update again soon! Jenny
This is Chris' angry face because I was leaving!

And here he is after I made him smile for the camera... what a big baby!


Thin in 2010 said...

Aw, I didn't know your little man was still having problems. I will definately pray pray pray. I am praying right now. I am praying that he will be healed first and foremost. That God will touch his little body heal him from top to bottom. I also pray that the medicine will do its job well, that Brady will tolerate it, that you and Chris will become pros at his healthcare and that all of you will be better for this one day. God is in control and the children He gives us aren't ours anyway, they are His. He just lets us borrow them for a while b/c He knows what a blessing they are!

I love you guys, you will always have a special place in my heart.
PS Parker has those "TOUGH GUY" pj's!! Love em!

Patty said...

Loving your words. I love you daughter-in-law(love) of mine. GREAT. And the pix are fabulous.


The Nordquists said...

Just catching up on your most recent blogs. You are so right about God having a plan...and you just have to put your faith in that. I will continue to pray for Brady...and you and Chris, of course! I know y'all must be exhausted, so if I can do anything let me know! Want dinner one night?