Friday, March 20, 2009

~ Home Sweet Home ~

Well, today we got to come home!! All the Dr.'s wanted was for Chris and I to get comfortable drawing up and giving the injections, and we did.. well, as good as we are gonna be. I think I will let Chris give them for the most part ;) The last spasm that Brady had was yesterday morning, which was only after one injection.. and no more since then!!! We will be giving the injections daily and checking up with the Dr.'s weekly for the next 12 weeks... I know great things are going to come out of all this. He is doing exceptionally well right now and I pray it will continue. Seeing how is immune system will be compromised for the next 3 months we will pretty much be "shut ins". No daycare, per the Dr. so it will be an intresting couple of months. He is already experiencing one of the side effects of this medicine - FUSSINESS- Hopefully that will calm itself down too! Another side effect should be rapid weight gain.. right now he is already in 12 months clothes and I haven't bought any more so it looks like I get to go shopping for big boy clothes! Chris is cutting the yard today for the first time this year! Believe me.. it needed it! Our dogs are not too happy about it, they are going nuts barking, but Brady is sleeping like a, well, a baby! He is out.. I know he is soo happy to be home to!
See.. Here is chris watering off the back porch.. not expecting to get his picture taken :)

And my little man sleeping away

Thats about it for now.. I am back to catching up on my Days of our Lives .. while I am at it, I need to watch American Idol and Biggest Loser to see who got kicked off! What a way to spend my Friday night.. no really, I'm excited!! I will send Chris after a bottle of wine before too long and we are chillin in our p.j.s tonight!

Till next time


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