Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update on Life...

Well it has been quite a while since I have been on but I figured this would be a good way of keeping everyone up-to-date on my Brady.. Sweet boy, his "partial onset seizure" diagnosis has evolved into "infantile Spasams" (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh) sorry, had to have a moment! We just though we were through it all, but we a just getting started! He will be put on a strong medicine and they will be treating this aggressively! by the way, this is pretty rare 1 in 6,000 infants have this condition. I tell you, when he turns 21 I am taking him to vegas with those odds. The medicine (ACTH) has been ordered and shoud be here Tuesday so we should expect to be admited Wednesday so they can begin treating him. I try to stay away from google.. there is too much negative and not enough God! It is a pretty scary place. All those worst case stories break my heart. I know that Brady will be ok. I claim it in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ! What a testimony he will have in his future. I will try to keep you updated with picture and regular post. Here are some picture that you have missed out on the past couple of months...
Brady at bath time.. he loves it!!
Brady on his first day of daycare.. we have just recently had to remove him from daycare so he can under go this treatment.. hopefully we will get back soon. he Loved daycare!!Eating his very first bite of "big boy food" he love it now!!His first school picture day! How cute is my baby!

Brady's new Jumper..

Brady at my parent's house.. how handsome!

God is good - All the time.. Not just some of it. He has a plan for our family and for our son. We might not know what it is just yet, but we will soon enough. He never said it would be easy, but he said he'd see us through the storm. We serve a mighty God. Please lift Brady up in your prayers. We know who the real Dr. is.

See you soon,



The Nordquists said...

Give that sweet baby boy a hug and kiss for me! I will be keeping him and y'all in my prayers...b/c you are so right, God is The Healer! Please let me know if there's anything you need! Love y'all!

Patty said...

What can I say. World's cutest baby! Mom & dad ain't too bad, either.
Your talk w/me was a true inspiration to me, Jenny. Thanks for the uplift. I needed it at this time.
Stay strong in the Lord, you and Chris!