Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What a day, What a Testimony

Today we went for Brady's "swallow study". Because he has been on bottle strike for 5 weeks now, we needed to check and see if when he does get liquids, its going down the right pipe. He had the "hand, foot, and mouth" virus the first week of July and he has not taken a bottle since then. Its been pretty aggravating because a baby has to have fluids, even I know that, but my baby refuses any type of liquid!! I have been syringing him fluids for the past month so he doesn't dehydrate and let me tell you, its getting old! We put him behind this x-ray machine and had him take different consistencies of liquids from the spoon and everything seemed to go down right but when I did it with the syringe, it went straight down to his lungs!! So needless to say, we will NOT be syringe feeding him anymore! After that test I went over to the Medical Mall (not in the best part of town) to turn in a application to get him in with the feeding specialist to see if maybe she had any suggestions. Well, we walked in and the feeding specialist was in the lobby with another specialist and the lady who authorizes applications so she asked if we could just see her today! "Are you kidding me?? Can we? I have been force feeding my son for 5 weeks! Yes we can see you!!" So we did. (and it just so happened that the application got approved right away! (which normal takes a couple of weeks) Isn't God Good? So we had a long visit with her. She watched him eat and watched what he did when I tried to give him a bottle and she said he just associates liquids with pain. He had soars in his mouth during the Hand foot and mouth virus and it hurt to eat, and since then we have been traumatizing him with a syringe!!! So, naturally, he doesn't want anything to do with a liquid. But we are gonna thicken it up and see if that doesn't work any better. It did while we were there, so I am very encouraged! This has been a very frustrating few weeks! Probably the most frustrated I have been as a parent so far and to know that there is now someone with suggestions ... that is such a relief! Oh yeah, after we left the "swallow study" we got a call from the Neurologist saying that Brady has a perfectly normal awake EEG yesterday. And he no longer has the diagnosis of "infantile spasms"!! This catastrophic, devastating, seizure disorder did not win over my Brady. We have God on our side and there is nothing that can't do, no sickness that he can't heal. I give God all the glory for this one and one day Brady will to! What a testimony he already has. Thank you all for your prayers! They were heard. He was healed! Jenny


Thin in 2010 said...

Jenny, I am so glad to see that Brady is doing so well. I was just catching up on all of your recent blogs. Parker still prays for "baby Brady" everynight. We will have to get our boys together sometime soon.


Patty said...

God and Brady never cease to amaze me! Glory to God.
Just so glad I'm checking in again, I've missed some of these.


Patty said...

Oh yea! Time for a new 'thinner Brady' picture. People won't believe the change he's made.