Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home from Memphis

We got home Friday from Memphis (earlier than we thought) and Brady is doing great! He was hooked up to his EEG leads fror about 48 hours and was recorded the whole time, (VEEG). That crazy kid of mine did not have the first spasm or siezure the whole time he was hooked up! But they played with his medicines and we even cut some meds out completely! Dr. Wheeles took him completely off his Phenobarbatol and Topamax and started him on Depakene (the liquid form of Depacoat). He also gave us a new ACTH schedule that will have Brady getting off his ACTH in 2 weeks!!! We should also be getting off the Hydrocortizone and Prevacid at that time too! So that will be a total of 5 medicines that Brady will be off in 2 short weeks if everything goes to plan! What a blessing!!! I dont know that I am going to know what to do with myself if I dont have to give him medicine at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I hope this works and the Spasms go away forever and never come back!! I pray they dont evolve into another type of seizure also! I Pray this is it for all of that!! I pray he gets his personality back, he gets his developement on track, and he continues to grow and develope normally as a health boy would. We will follow up with our neurologist Dr. Parker Thursday but we will go in to check his levels monday and again the following Monday. We should go back to Memphis to follow up with Dr. Wheeles after we take him off the ACTH. I pray we go back with a different child.. completly healed of IS forever! In Jesus' Name.. Amen!
Here is Brady when they were taking him down for MRI.. he is about too big for this little newborn bed, dont ya think?
And here he is in his room.. EEG leads on his head, and IV in his foot.. sitting up in his stroller!

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Patty said...

That 'newborn' crib is a hoot! I don't think Mr. Brady fit 'newborn' when he as born. LOL Hey - you didn't tell me about the IV in his foot. PTL. Sometimes, ignorance IS bliss.

Update when ya'll get back from trip to Memphis 1st week in July.