Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today is all we have

Tonight Josh and Katie are keeping Brady so Chris and I can meet Trisha and Ryan and see Harry Potter!! I am super excited! I am also missing my baby already. Which has me thinking, what am I going to do with myself when my baby is healed, fixed, recovered, back to normal, just a typical child and I have to put him back in daycare. Now, I know this is what all mothers of babies go through when they first put their little ones in daycare for the first time.. but I'm not "all mothers" and brady is not just"any child". He is baby, he is funny, he is laughing at things for no reason now, just out of the blue; he is smiling at me and bouncing at me when I walk into his room to get him out of his crib EVERY time; he reconizes me as his mom; he clapps his hands and smiles when I shout "YAY"; he is rolling around everywhere, until he hits a wall, then he rolls back; he is up on all fours rocking, just trying to crawl, he is sitting up all by himself, then just crashes back for no reason; he loves the water, bath tub or pool; he jumps in his bouncer all the time! I think he would stay in it all day long if I let him; in the middle of fussing, he laughs; he never cries.. i mean NEVER cries! He is a happy child. He is my child.
Now, for those of you with children, you know these are normal things. But when something happens to your child, your infant child, and there is a possibility that none of those things could ever happen and they do... that's amazing. Every little thing that Brady does is amazing to me. Every little milestone is amazing. Every new thing he does is another reason (on the ever growing list) to give thanks to Jesus Christ. We thought there was a chance he wouldn't see, and he sees; we thought he might not develop, and as you read, he is doing great; Now we don't know what the future holds but I know who holds the future. God hasen't promised us tomorrow yet we are so quick to make "plans". I have never really lived for the day until I became a parent and now I live for every single minute. I cant wait to watch Brady grow and Prosper, but first I am going to enjoy every second I have with him. The same way I should live every single day of my life. We are not promised tomorrow.. Live for today! Rejoyce for today! Be amazed everyday! Life is too short and too fragile and too precious not to take it all in. If your not happy, get happy! If your sad, get glad! If you depressed, snap out of it! Today is all we have.. Today is all we have. Why dont people get that? Be thankful for what you have, be grateful, be compassionate, be pleasant, be respectful, be positive... Love your neighbors, Love everyone.
By the way, I think I must be suffering from PMS .. this just came out of nowhere! I guess it needed to be said. I'm glad he used me to say it.
Because he lives, I live.


rksmiths said...

That is not PMS, that is GOD! You are being faithful to be used by Him and faithful to share how he is using you with others. I have apent the summer focusing on enjoying every moment. I realize how we are always waiting for "the next thing" to happen. Thanks for reminding me to be content where I am. You are amazing!
Love you,
Krisha (Aunt poopsie)

Holli said...

Hi, I got your blog address through the IS group board. Your words are very inspiring! I don't think it was an accident that I found your site, because these were the words I really needed to hear today. PMS or no PMS, Thank you!

By the way, Brady is a cutie! Those pics remind me of when my Austin was on ACTH. The weight takes a while to come off and you'll be amazed when you sift through pictures a year from now! You'll wonder, is that really him?!!

Patty said...

Have I told you today how thankful I am to have you for my daughter-in-law? If not, then here it is... I am so thankful.

I've already learned to take every second we have, and be thankful for it. I slip often, but you and Trisha and others remind me. Over and over.

I'm so blessed for the children and grandchildren I have. I love you allll.