Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Officially the first day of Fall is Thursday, September 23rd but on Thursday I am going to be GLUED to my tv watching the season premiers of both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice :)))))))) So excited!! So I decided to start my Fall decorating a few days early this year!

This is what I am talking about...

Ok, so this is super easy and sooo very cheap....If you have $20.00 I can show you how to re-create this mantle AND give you some change back from that twenty ;)

I went to Dollar Tree (last year after Halloween to stock up for this year... but I checked and they still have this stuff this year). This is all you need...

3 Crows- Or as many as you want... I used 3, but I might go back for more
 = $3.00

3 bags of these cute little skulls- They come about 10 skulls per bag
 = $3.00

1 bag of spider webs- I didn't realize that a little of this stuff goes a super long way! so only 1 bag
 = $1.00

1 bag of spider rings- I didn't realize that the spider web already came with spiders so I bought this bag and had extras... this purchase is optional

3 Tombstones- When decorating I like to work in groups of three's (however one of my grave markers did a tumble off the mantel so I am going to have to go back and replace it)  I also noticed that I could really do more that three seeing as they are so small (and there only a dollar a piece) so I might go get a few extra

2 glass vases- for either side of the mantel

2 bags of "creepy cloth" - you could even get away with 1

And some sticks/twigs.... something like that.

Not sure if you can tell from this picture, but I went out in my neighborhood collecting sticks... I loaded them on the stroller and took them home :)

Poor guy was hot and surrounded by my FREE sticks!
I took them home and used some black spray paint (that I already had) and did a solid coat to all sides of the sticks for that spooky Halloween look

(sidenote- I did this in the empty lot next to my hous because I didn't have an old sheet or drop cloth.. Do not do this in your yard or it will be noticable)

Ok... Time for Assembly!

1.)Spray paint the sticks!
2.) Lay the "creepy cloth over the mantle
3.) Fill up the vases with the small skulls (1 or 1 1/2 bag in each vase).
4.) Place the stick in the vase.
5.) Place the tombstones where ever you like.
6.) Cover EVERYTHING in spider webs.
7.) Place the spiders in random places all over mantle.
8.) Place the birds where you think they look awesome!

And TADA!!! You have a super spooky Halloween Mantle that is sure to put you in the Holiday Spirit!!!

Oh yeah .. let's add this up... Our total comes to ......$15.00 (plus tax) and you can even go cheaper that that by customizing what you like and adding too or taking away from what I did!

I would LOVE to know what you think...or if you have your own version of a spooky mantle, I would LOVE to see it! Leave me your link in my comments :) I am always looking for super easy and super cheap ideas for decorating!

And here is a BONUS project! (omg!) I had tons of spider webbing left over so I covered a wall of photos (that were already hung) with the left over web! I placed spiders randomly on there too... Now I have the spooky decor all over my house... I might not stop there...

Happy Decorating!

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