Sunday, September 19, 2010

If Brady could blog...

Ok, So my mom hasn't been doing very well keeping this blog up to date, so I told her I would do a "catch-up" blog for her.... so here goes...(in NO particular order)

Here I am at work with Nana.... we are handling some very important the "itsy bitsy spider" situation. She is very good at that song.
And here is Poppy and me at his first ever Braves game. I've been there before, but I was happy to share his first time with him.
This is my mommy and me with GeeGee on her birthday. We had CAKE!! and lots of it :) But we stayed out way too late...
Sooo this is me when we got home...
Here I am making alphabet soup... bet you didn't know I could cook, huh? Well, somebody's gotta do it around here...MOM!
Here is me trying to play outside in my back yard... or should I say, MY DOG'S back yard...
and again...
Ok, I give up!!
On this day, I found the cookie jar :) So I got comfortable in a place where I thought no one could see me...
WRONG!! She got me :) So I "cheesed" for her... as always.
Here I am at work again. This time Poppy is teaching me how to play the piano... well, his version of it.
I catch on quick!
and here is Nana and I pushing these fun things around ...Hard at work I tell ya...
One Saturday morning we met my cousins, Savannah and Arrington "Ari" for breakfast at my mom's favorite place...Cracker Barrel... While there, I got to do one of my favorite things... Rock Rock Rock. They have such a fun front porch... and yummy pancakes :)
when we left there, we went to the splash pad to play. It was the last day they were open for the year. I love that place... and I had such a good time!
One day my daddy was in a Putt-Putt tournament. So naturally, momma and me went to support him. He did very good! He almost won the whole thing... Momma said he only lost by one stroke! Can you believe that? Oh well, better luck next time :)

While we were there I had to work on my putting too! Hey, I am a third generation Wooten Golfer... Gotta start young.
Lookin pretty good out there :)
As most hum..toddlers get, I got restless.. SO I decided to take off running so momma could chase me.... But I didn't see the step...You live and you learn!
Then momma took me to some kind of festival in Pelahatchie...long weird word, I know, but that's where it was. I have some cousins that live there so we parked at their house and momma pushed me in the 10000 degree heat to look at random stuff... but it was all worth it when I had this...
What is it you ask?? This my friends is a funnel cake! With powdered sugar on top!! Can you believe she has been holding out on me this long??
I couldn't stop eating this (or sweating) but this was worth ever drop of sweat!! Soooo good!
Speaking of sugar... Have you guys had the hotcakes from McDonald's?? My favorite breakfast ever!! Some day, mommy takes me to get some :) I can barely hold back the excitement! But I guess she is getting lazy these days.. she is making me pick up my own food and eat it!! Can you believe that??
I quickly realized why this wasn't very messy... She FORGOT the SYRUP!!!! Silly momma!
Just the other day I wasn't feeling so hot. I was very whiny All the time and my ears just didn't feel right, so my smart momma made me a Doctor's appointment and we went to have them looked at... I found this neat toy in the waiting room and I could have played with it all night! Momma said she used to have one just like it when she was little!
Could I be any cuter?
 And here is my mommy in the Dr.'s office...Isn't she lovely?
Daddy took a picture of all of our feet .. guess he was bored.. Me and Daddy were wearing the same shoes.. Momma has the same shoes, but she was wearing her boring ole flip flops!
When we left the Dr. we went to Aunt Sissy's house for Uncle Ryan's birthday dinner and they had my favorite thing... CAKE!! Oh it was so good :) Then we got to sing my FAVORITE song ever... Happy Birthday!!! Oh, I could sing that song all day long :)
Here is my uncle Ryan... He got a cool hat and everything!
Then I got some floor time with Aunt Sissy... She just loves playing with me (I enjoy it a lot too)
She is a good tickler too :)
 The next day, daddy was showing me some pictures he took on his phone...
I guess momma snuck a picture or two.. Man, she is sneaky with that camera!
Oh,, so this is how I like to sleep now...
In case you don't get it... Right in between momma and daddy...I get up and walk my self in their room, crawl up their big bed, and snuggle right in between them.

I guess that's a good place to end it, don't you think?

I think I have gotten momma all caught up now.. Maybe next time she wont wait so long to blog!

Alright, Peace out Blog world!!
Brady Wooten :)

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