Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our First "Dirty Day"!!

Now let me explain the title... Brady was in October of 07, his first warm weather was last year ... he was around 6 months old.. not really crawling yet, so he didn't have very much outside time. So now that it is warming up he is going "outside" for the first time in his life and playing. Now that he is walking, he doesn't stop! I bet he walks 5 miles a day! Seriously! So today, I went to work and he came along (duh).. we worked at the Florence funeral home today, not the usual Byram.
{for those of you who don't know, my family owns 2 funeral homes where Brady and I work}
Anyway, Florence is different from Byram in many ways, one of which being there is a cemetery there... a beautiful "garden" with a gorgeous fountain in the middle and a nice walkway... Brady walked non stop for about 30 mins! Trying to make a run for the fountain every time we turned around... after all, his favorite part of the day is bath time, and to him it was just a big bath tub.
No before you go off thinking I am weird for letting my son use a cemetery for his playground., just understand that I was raised in the funeral business all my life.. Once, I actually lived in the funeral home, I even took my bridal portraits in this "garden"... So this is nothing abnormal for us. You should sit down to dinner with my family and just hear some of the conversations that come up!
So after an afternoon of walking non stop, finding water puddles, dirt piles, grass, fountains, etc... Brady was a hot mess!! His pants were wet, knees were muddy, and shoes (New Balances without a speck of dirt on them) were Filthy!!! This was a first for us.. We truly have a baby boy on our hands not.. well, not so much a baby anymore (tear). This is just a taste of what is to come...
I made him ride home half naked! but his pants and shoes were a mess!! Soaking wet and muddy... Not in my car!

He didn't seem to mind being pant less though... He just curled up to his favorite book and enjoyed the ride... Then he got tired! He must have realized that somewhere among the afternoon of walking, running, and playing real hard, he forgot to take his nap! So we got a quick nap in the car on the ride home... still holding onto his book though :)

He was OUT! Soooo sleepy... He played hard though.
Our first "Dirty Clothes"...
We made a memory today. I hope you take some time out to do the same. Your babies are only babies for such a short while, then their toddlers, then kids, then preteens, then teenagers, then grown and gone... in the blink of an eye. I will always have the pictures and the memories, but there is nothing like be there, being Present, while they are still babies.
Gotta finish up this messy day with a HUGE bubble Bath!! I think he was overwhelmed!
Don't miss a single chance to make a memory!
Till next time,


BK said...

You are absolutely right; babies are babies for only a short while. They grow up very fast. And there is nothing weird about letting your son use a cemetery for his playground, as long as he enjoys himself and has a great time. I believe he had lots of fun. :)

Anna said...

Very true, Jenny. I get so sad thinking about when my babies were babies. They are getting so big. :( My memories and pictures are marvelous though!

Jared said...

Brady is a pimp. Period.