Friday, March 26, 2010

A few extra Cleaning Tips...

Ok, so after giving my cleaning schedule I remembered a few more "tips" for cleaning...

1. Never leave a room empty handed. Ther is always something out of place or not in the room it should be in.. So if you get in the habit of leaving the room your in with something  in your hand for the room your going to you are on the right track to making sure everything is where it should be... Confused?? Try it!

2. Clean while you cook... This way you dont spend too much time cleaning after you have eaten.

3. Flold Throw blankets and put pillows in their place. EVERY TIME I get up off the couch, or anybody does for that matter, I always fold the blanket that was hanging over the back of the couch and put the pillows back where they went. Even if you dont feel your house is clean, it will Look clean and sometimes, that's all that matters.

4. Get a Kone! The awsome handheld vaccume that sits on your furniture like a piece of art. It is great to just pick it up and suck up some dust bunnies when you see them rather than chasing them around on Friday floor days!!

5.Gather up all trash in the house the night before the trash runs... that way, no matter how late you are running on trash day you know its out there already and not stinking up your garage. This is a great time to clean out the Fridge too! Wives, if your husband refuses, do it yourself!  I mean, it's not the worst thing you can do, right?? I recently realized that I was not too good to deal with the trash, now I dont mind.

6. Set aside time to clean. Do not turn on the TV or sit down and check your e-mails until this is done. Then reward yourself with technology :)

7. If you see something that bothers you or needs cleaning real quick and your not doing anything.. do it right then. That way, you dont have to put it on your list and you dont have to worry about seeing it over and over screaming at you a reminder that it still needs cleaning!

8. Make your bed as soon as your feet hit the floor. Unless you have to pee real bad. Even if your eyes are still shut... It is nice getting into a made bed everynight... Plus it just makes your room look cleaner, even if it's not :)

This could be it.. If I forgot anything I will just come back and add it later...



Lesli said...

totally agree and oh btw Brody is the cutest thing EVER!!

Claire said...

Great tips!