Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy Day!

I am excited to say that today I introduced Brady to Waffle House! And he LOVED it!! I am so glad he did, because Momma loves it too :) He ate a whole waffle (with syrup of course), eggs, and a few grits.. he was not too sure about the hash browns or toast. He finished it all off with Chocolate Milk! Now that is what I call a good lunch! The people in the booth beside us were taken by him. They could not get over how much he was eating... they should see him at a buffet!We tried to get a picture with the cook but he was busy cooking of course... So we did the best that we could. The cook said he has a little boy who loves eggs too, but he was also surprised to see Brady finish a waffle!
By the way, I am not sure if this is the only finger that can reach the teeth that are coming in or what, but this is the finger he chooses to chew on.. which looks sorda weird... I don't want people to get the wrong impression of my precious child, but this works for him, so whatever.After we left Waffle house, we stopped to get some gas. After I got whistled at by the passing trash man, I felt dirty so we went through the car wash.. haha.. no, seriously, Brady hasn't been in a car wash in a while and I wanted to see what he would think...

He was pretty curious about it at first, but as time went on (and I do mean on.. it took forever.. I think it was broken) he started to love it. Every time it would pass his window he would open his mouth real wide .. almost like he was surprised... priceless

I thought that with all that syrup in his system I would take him to the park to release some of that energy.. even though he didn't walk around too much he seemed to have a good time... He like going up and down the slide ( an momma got a good workout doing it) The sun was in his face, but he was smiling...Then he found some "drums" so we played there for a while just patting on them... and it was in the shade so he could open his eyes... he liked this...He spent a few minutes trying to get them to spin like a steering wheel or something, but when he figured out that they were not going to do it he just banged on them some more... That's been our day so far... Its about time for a afternoon nap now that we got the syrup out of his system.
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