Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Tap Tap Tap..."

When I was a child I remember going over to my Memaw's house a lot. We would spend the night with her often, and if we were sick and couldn't go to school we would spend the day with her. One of my most vivid memories of staying with her is nap time. We would go get into Gag's king size bed, with the thinnest yet softest sheets ever, and a thick quilt on top... but before we could go to sleep she would reach for it.. it haunts me to this day... you might not know what I am talking about but my family will... "IT" was the Vick's salve!!!
She would get a finger full of salve and rub it under each of our noses and tell us to go to sleep... It never caught on with me. I can sleep just fine without it... but my mom, my sister, and now MY SON must have it before they go to sleep. My mom says it puts her brain to seep... Katie just will not go to sleep without it... and Brady.. Guess who started it ... that's right, NANA did. When he stays at her house she does to him what her mom did to me... all up under his nose.
But obviously he likes it... or should I say LOVES it!! I have gotten in the habit of putting it on him before I put him to bed and he just smiles and lets me tap it on his upper lip. I started making the "tap tap tap"sound when I was doing it so now all I have to say is "tap tap" and he heads straight for his bedroom. Its unreal!! Not only does he respond with a smile and a bee line for his bedroom, but he also repeats me... "tap tap tap" with the biggest smile on his face.
I can't get the boy to say "momma" but he can associate "tap tap tap" to Vick's Salve and he gets so excited about it. I guess he will continue this for the rest of his life like Nana and Katie and Memaw still do.
The only difference is that Brady doesn't only want it smothered on his lip and nose.. he wants the container to hold on to and chew on... He went MAD the other night when I tried to take it from him. I had to show him that I was putting it in the drawer and that it would be there when he woke up... he was still visibly upset. So needless to say he went to sleep holding it and woke up playing with it. Hopefully he wont figure out how to take the top off... that will be a very messy morning.

So in conclusion, I would just like to say THANKS to Memaw, Nana, and I'm sure Katie too for continuing this tradition with the future generations. I can't wait to read Brady's blogs one day to find out what he truly thinks about it all :)
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