Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eyes Straight Ahead...

Brady had his long awaited eye surgery yesterday and has been GREAT all day long! His surgery went well too... We had to be at Blair E Batson at 6:00am yesterday (which made for a long day). Nana and Poppy came by to wish him well. Nana stayed for the duration but Poppy, of course, got a death call and had to go... Some things never change :)
He got to wear the baby blue gown for his surgery. Every time we have stayed there we got the mint green or yellow, but never the blue... it made his eyes look even more beautiful than they already are.
Chris and I got to go back with him to see the Doctors and the "put you to sleep" Doctor... I can never spell that, so I won't try... By the time we got back there, his "verset" (loopy medicine) started working and he looked as if he was floating on a cloud. He was so fascinated with my hair, and he would just laugh. He flirted with the lady nurses too! What a stud!
We handed him off to the nurse with the promise that she would take good care of him. I believed her. Not once did I feel uneasy about this surgery. I wasn't nervous at all. Either I am getting hard to all this sick baby and hospital stuff, or I have complete faith that the Doctors will do what they do to the best of their ability and if they can't Jesus will step in... Either way, I had a peace. A peace that I firmly believe I would not have if I were not a believer. And that peace comes in many circumstances, not just surgery. Its good to know you always have someone on your side.
They called the waiting room a little after 8:00am and said that Dr. Carron had already clipped his tonugue ( just something we thought we would go ahead and tackle while he was under) and Dr. Mungan was about to begin his eye part. After 45-50 mins the nurse came and got me so I could be with him when he woke up. He was so swollen and his right eye was bleeding and oozing a little more than the left so they patched it up. He looked like he had just gotten mugged... so pitiful. I hated to see him hurting like that. No mother ever wants to see her baby hurting.
After an hour in recovery and a few sips of water later, we were gone. They gave him morphine after the surgery so he was really hard to wake up.. he just wanted to sleep and not be bothered. He slept the whole way home and until 3:00PM that evening... (so did momma and daddy) So naturally he was up last night!! YAY for us!
He is doing great today, you wouldn't even think that he just had surgery yesterday... he is so resilient. He is so strong, brave, happy... There are not enough words I could use to describe that son of mine. What a year he has had! We are at the 1 year marker from our IS diagnosis and this is a much better place than we were in a year ago... this is no where near where we thought we would be today. He is truly a miracle! Ask any Doctor who saw him then and now... We still bring our Neurologist to tears.. she is so pleased with is progress!
Thanks to everyone for the year of prayers! Hard to believe its been a year, but TRUST ME, it has!
Until the whole world hears,


Anna said...

Girl, I am SO happy that he is doing so well! This is truly wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your little cutie is doing well.