Friday, August 22, 2008

32 Weeks Pregnant Blog...

I knew I forgot to post one.. this is from last week... I go back to the Dr next week (34 weeks) but this is the last pregnancy post that I posted until then... enjoy Tuesday, August 12, 2008 32 Weeks Pregnant~ 8 weeks to go! Current mood: enlightened Brady and I went to the dr today (he goes everywhere I go)... Dr says we are right on track... even though he is on the bigger side.. His little heart beat was a strong fast 152 beats per min... I drank a coke before I went, so that could have something to do with it... These appointments are boring... walk in, sit in the first waiting room... get on a scale, pee in a cup, sit in the second waiting room...go to the exam room, hear the heart beat ,ask a few questions and then leave... oh well, only 8 more weeks of this then I will start taking a baby to the dr for his very own appointments... I am so excited, and cant wait for that!! Today we talked about a birth plan... I am a planner but when I make a plan I like for it to go that way... so i am very hesitant to make a "birth plan" because i dont want to get all irritated when it dosen't work out that way... Oh well, I guess I will just write out an "ideal birth plan" but we probally wont stick to it.. you never know with babies how they are going to handle delievery or labor.. or what way he is going to be sitting, or where my placenta is?? yeah i know, but these things can alter my "birth plan" thats why I dont want one. We know that in an IDEAL situation that we do not want a c-section and Chris wants to cut the cord.. and for the first few moments of life we want to spend as a new family of 3... we dont want a room full of people all playing pass the baby, there will be time for that later... there are many things that we want to happen, but like I said, we wont plan for it incase things change.. I guess all we can do is pray that things go smoothly and everyone comes out of this healthy... I guess you can say that is my ultimate "Birth Plan" Well, tomorrow night a group of girls i went to hair school with are taking me to dinner to shower me with baby goodness and I am sooo looking forward to that.. and I have another baby showere Saturday with Chris' and my families... so I will be posting pictures of the showers so look forward to that.. i know i am! Next appt is in 2 weeks (34 weeks) Time is starting to fly by!! Till next time... Jenny&Brady

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