Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our New Decor!!!

So recently we have decided to "finish up" decorating our den/kitchen area because we dont want to put it off till after the baby is born and then keep on putting it off... ya catch my drift?? Anyway, so some things we needed to make our house feel more "homey" was... 1.) Pillows for our couch- Just because 2.) An area rug for the den- for Chris' peace of mind when someone holds his child over our hard wood floors 3.) Barstools for the bar- Extra seating.. we entertain a lot and have a table with only 4 chairs 4.) Wall Art- To knock out some of the echoing that is crazy loud in our great room 5.) Drapes- Just for me, I like the way they look 6.) Lamps for the end tables So we have began knocking some of this list out and I just wanted to share our progress... First up is Chris putting together the barstools ... he is such a handy man!!
Next...Here are two of the completed bar stools.. They really look great if I do say so myself... Here are the completed Barstools!! YAY... they complete the room.... Now these are some of the pillows that we got for the couches... They make for a good picture... We got these pillows from Magnolia Pewter in Pearl. They are made by mentally disabled children/adults and are sold for a very reasonable $10.00 or $14.00 EACH!! So while they are each hand-made, beautiful, and afordable.. they also help a worthy cause, and that makes me happy! Finally here is one of the den.. with the pillows, rugs, lamps and even the barstools... It is really starting to come together.. and it is a very comfortable place to be... So all we are lacking now are the drapes and some large wall art! I am really enjoying decorating my (house if you cant tell)- Next up I will have to show you the nursery... ToOoO FuN!! Till Next Time~

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Patty said...

Great job, ya'll. Can't wait to see it. Hard to believe it's come from that little bit of dirt awhile back, isn't it! :)

Mother Patty