Friday, August 29, 2008

34 1/2 weeks pregnant!!!

Well, we made it to 34 weeks and I had my check up today... She said all is well and I am measuring on schedule...(35 inches from top to bottom of the uterus).. I guess thats good. Brady has been very active the past couple of days... if you watch my stomach it looks like an alien is in there... His heart beat was a strong 136 today at the Dr's office. I go back in 11 days (36 weeks) and she will start "checking" me at that point to see how much, if any, I am dialated or thinned out... How weird is it to think i am 10 days away from being in the 9th month of my pregnancy?!?! I am super excited to see my child but starting to get nervous too! I just hope I dont have him this weekend so I won't have to name him Gustav.. haha.. speaking of that, It seems that everyone, excluding Chris and I, have started to somewhat panic about this little "storm".. I wasen't aware that I needed to stock up on water, gas, food, etc... but there is no water to be bought around here ... or bread for that matter... I guess everyone will be eating sandwiches and drinking water all weekend... and gas went up 20 cents in one day!! How CRAZY!?!? Whatever... I hope we make it without bottled water for a couple of days... I did go to sam's tonight and get 234 diapers and a box of 720 wipes... I gotta stock up on something, might as well be for the baby... That might last a couple of weeks once he arrives! How ridiculous are the price of diapers these days??? I am telling you now that we will start potty training ASAP!! Someone could go broke buying diapers alone!! Part of it I guess.. Ok so that's it for tonight.. Tomorrow night we have a baby shower at a "Couple" friend of ours (anson and glenda) so I will have to let you know how that goes then... Until then.... nighty-night! Sorry no pictures, I will have some tomorrow.. unless you want a picture of a box of Diapers!!

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