Thursday, August 21, 2008

New to the Blogging World...

Ok so I have been blogging on ever since my husband and I found out we were pregnant.. then I discovered this site!! SO I guess I will start blogging on this site too! I am about 8 months pregnant and I am going to need something to do on maternity leave...well, between the crying, feeding, changing, and sleeping that is... Hopefully I will find time.. and this way, people can catch up with us and nobody has to miss a second of Brady's (our baby) life. I got a camera for my birthday so I will be posting pictures too!! Yay.. I am finally joining the 21st century.. I have been reading some other blogs on here recently, friends of mine, and it has really got me motivated to do this.. and I think it will be fun.. so hang in there with me while I learn my way around the site, hopefully it won't take me too long! Hope you all enjoy... whoever you all are! ha!


The Nordquists said...

Layout stealer!!! LOL...I kid, I kid! You gotta fix the middle part, though.
So glad you've started one, too! Now, I can keep up better with all the baby stuff! Speaking of which, sorry I couldn't come eat with y'all the other night for your shower! We need to go out one night before Brady gets here...I've got a gift for you! Hugs!

Patty said...

Hey, I think you did a fantastic job. Who would ever know ur fav colors are red and black.

Can't wait to start 'making' things for Brady. WOW! Will be wonderful.

Your shower was so much fun. Hope you like the pearls. Every woman needs a pair of pearls when she has a baby.