Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pregnancy: From beginning to week 32

So I told you I have been blogging on my myspace page... and since I do not want to re-type those but I want you to know what's been going on through out the pregnancy so far, I decided to copy all my blogs up until now to this Blog... So this one should be a longer one, haha! Beginning to end.. well, not the actual beginning or the actual ending, yet... but you get my drift. Anyway, enough blabbing and onto blogging... Wed., March 5, 08 ALREADY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Current mood: stoked Yes Yes Yes already! Chris and I knew we wanted children right after we got married and by the Grace of God it worked out that way. We are very excited about this new addition to our ever growing family. We will be expecting our baby around October 6 and we will not know the sex of the baby until the middle of May and we can't wait to find out what it will be!! We go in for our first "scheduled" sonogram on the 18th and we will get to see the baby and hear the little heartbeat.. that will be great! Please keep us in your prayers as we enter into this new and exciting chapter of our lives. Thanks so much Jenny Wed., March 19, 08 11 Weeks Pregnant Current mood: vibrant Well we went to the Dr yesterday for our monthly check-up and everything is peachy!! We got to see the baby doing a little swimming and bouncing around. He/She is a very active baby. It would kick and wave and we even caught it sucking it’s thumb. The heartbeat was very good and clear. I think it was around 170 beats per/min. I hate calling it and IT but I have no idea what it is so it has to be an it for the moment. Anyway.. we go back next month for another check up and then in the May check-up, we will find out the sex!! yaaaaaa!!! almost out of our 1st trimester, next week i will be at 12 weeks... we are crossing over new mildstones everyday and we are thrilled that everything is going good for us and the baby. Thanks for the Congrats.. we are real excited! I will update you as soon as I have something to update you about! haha.. thanks again, jenny <>< Mon., April 14, 08 15 Weeks Pregnant! Current mood: impatient Ok so Chris and I went to the Dr. today and everything is right on track. We are 15 weeks and 1 day today. No sonogram or anything, but we did get to hear the heartbeat again and it was a beautiful 156 beats per min. I am still dying to know the sex of the baby so I can quit calling the baby an IT!! That is driving me nuts, plus I am not really a patient person anyways.. However, I guess one more month won't kill me..BOO!! We are due to go back to the dr on May 13 and then GOD WILLING, we will find out the sex... Everyone thinks its a girl... I mean everyone, well, that is, except Chris.. He knows its a boy, so we will just have to see. It dosen't matter to me either way, I just can't wait to know so we can pick out a name and paint the nursery and fun stuff like that.. oh well, the countdown till May 13 has begun. And I will be keeping you posted for sure!! Stay tuned for the next chapter in this wonderful adventure we call pregnancy.. God Bless~Jenny Wed, May 14, 08 19 weeks pregnant!! Current mood: smitten ok so as you have probally heard or read by now we went to the dr. Tuesday and found out we are having a boy!! We are sooo thrilled!!! I just knew it would be a girl because we wanted a boy so bad, but Chris was right all along... (i will probally never admit that again, so make a note). He knew it was a boy from the moment we found out we were pregnant. Anyway, they said his (I love saying his) legs were in the 81st percentile meaning they are longer than 81% of babies his age.. and he, himself was in the 88th percentile.. so needless to say we should have a large and tall baby boy! The heart rate was a good 149.. the first time the whole pregnancy it was under 150. He is very active and moved around the whole time we were doing the sonogram. I have started feeling him move around a lot more now that his hearing is working, he is responding to a lot of noises i guess. We still haven't decided on a name yet, that is out next battle! But we are just glad to know that all is healthy with the baby... heart, brains, spine, kidneys, etc. He is developing right on pace and everything is well. It will be another 4 weeks before we go to the dr. again but I will keep you posted. Proud momma of a baby BOY!!! Jenny Wed, June 11, 08 23 weeks prego! Current mood: breezy Well we went to the dr yesterday for our monthly check up and all went well. Baby boy wooten ( who is still not officially named) is doing great. His heart rate was a good strong 140 bpm. He has been very active lately. Last night while watching tv, i had the remote on my belly and I watched him kick it several times. I thought that was the funnest thing... Chris didnt make it in time to see it so I tried to record it with my phone but i guess he is camera shy. Maybe another day. Any way- we go back in July and then we have to start going every 2 weeks!!! (instead of monthly) That means its getting closer. Still no nursery put together or no name but it will all be done in time!! I have no doubt. I have signed us up for child birth classes so that should be very intresting!! Looking forward to that.. Still just very anxious to see what this little kid of mine looks like, oh well, patience is a virtue! I will keep you all posted.. just know that all is good at week 23! See ya in a month! Jenny and baby Wed, July 9, 08 27 weeks pregnant! Current mood: chipper Well, I went for my 27th week (entering the 7th month) check up today and all is great! Baby Boy Wooten was very active. It could of had something to do with that nasty flat sunkist drink i had to drink so they could test my sugar...which, by the way, was great. His little heart beat was strong at 158 bpm. She said we are measuring on track still expecting him late September, early October. Weight gain is good so far, blood pressure was perfect.. just a little anemic but that can be handled with some pills. According to all the pregnancy books, and i am reading 3, he should be a little over 2 lbs and around 14 inches long.. thats average. I feel him move all the time now and he even responds to my pushing on him. This month we got all the nursery furniture in and assymbled....that was fun... now we are just waiting to stock it with baby stuff!!! I have got to learn some self control.. no more shopping at babies r us! I over do it!! haha... Anyway.... I start going to the dr every 2 weeks now.. thats fun! We are officially in the third trimester, the final stretch now!!! I also scheduled my 4D sonogram today.. its in a couple of weeks so be looking for those pictures, thats exciting... as always, I will keep you posted on how its going..I can't believe it has gone so fast!! My next task is finding a dress to wear to my sister's (katies) wedding next week.. yeah I know, last min.. but I just wanted it to fit so I am putting it off as long as I can. Alright, thats it for this week, I will see you in a couple of weeks.. Till then, Jenny Mon, July 14, 08 David Brady Wooten Current mood: accomplished Ok so after months of coming up with names, then turning them down, then coming up with new names and then turning them down.. get the point, we have finally decided on a name and it seems to be a popular one!! We knew all along that David would be the first name because it is Chris' first name and Chris' dad's first name so that was a no brainer.. .. the tricky part was the middle name. I have always loved the name Brady (from the Brady family on Days of our lives)...but dont tell chris that.. ..haha.. and finally last night he agreed on it. For the past coulple of weeks we had it narrowed down to two and last night we decided on BRADY!! I am so glad I can officially call him something now other than "lil' man" or "son" which is what he has been for the past few months. Oh well... one more hurdle (?) cleared.. .. Now on to getting Brady here and healthy... Take care Jenny and Brady! Fri, July 25, 08 Brady’s First 4D sonogram Current mood: irritated Well ,naturally we knew we would have a stubborn child because he is, after all, Chris' child! So when it came time for picture day he did not want to participate.(?)... any who.. he wouldn't look at the camera, his knees were all in his face, he was sucking on his toes.. not at all concerned with getting a good picture.. so we will go back next week for our second attempt at this sonogram! But they did weigh him and he is an estimated 3.9 lbs now but he was in such a ball that they could not get a good measurment on the legnth. They say he is measuring in at about 2 weeks older than what he is... but we shall see.. She also said his head is kinda on the bigger side, which is not what I wanted to hear, but what can you do?? I am not looking to set any records or anything, I just want him healthy and not toooo tiny, but not like one of those Hawian babies that are nothing but rolls... He is sitting cross legged with his butt at the floor of my pelvic area...they called that frank breech.. he still has plenty of time to rotate and change positions but he is just chillin upright right now. His little heart beat was good at 153 beats per min... From what I can tell of this profile picture he allowed us to get, he is gonna be his daddy made over.. he has the cutest baby cheeks I have ever seen though.. Hopefully we will get some real good ones next week since we go on my Birthday!! Maybe he will cooperate for my present!! anyway, stay tuned for round 2 of the sonogram pictures. Till then Jenny & her stubborn child Brady Mon, July 28, 08 Brady’s 2nd attempt at 4D sonogram Current mood: energetic Well we went back to the sonogram lady today to try again at these pictures and he did beautifully... he looked at the camera, played with his toes and was very cooperative! He has moved to the "head down" position from last week where he was breech...She measured him today at 3lbs 15 oz... I think we should change his name to Goliath!! hes huge!!! He already has baby fat on his little arms and legs and cheeks! She said he looks to be 2 weeks ahead of schedule .. the way they measure them it showed him being 32weeks where we have him as 30... I go to the Dr. tomorrow for a check up so that will be a question I ask.. Well go check out the pictures, they are precious! He gave his momma a good Birthday present! Jenny Fri, Aug 1,08 30 weeks pregnant...and counting! Current mood: vital Hello Hello... I went to the dr Wednesday (and forgot to blog) my bad... not to much to update since we are going every 2 weeks now.. you already know that he is measuring at 3lbs 15oz and for a baby at 30 weeks thats large!! but i'll take it! He had a good strong heartbeat of 144. He has been very very active lately, which I love! The dr and I talked about how she feels about inducing labor and she is all for it, if he is healthy .. but since he is what she calls a "whimpy white boy" she will not do it before 39 weeks... We will just have to see how big he is then. She will know more when I start going every week and getting "examined"... For those of you who do not know, little white males lungs develop slower than others so dr's do not like to take a little white boy early because of that reason.. My dr said she has seen 8lbs baby boys in the NICU because his lungs were not ready, and we do not want that!.. We are still attending child birth classes every Monday night, thats intresting.. this monday we will be talking to the drug dr ( I can't spell it, so I won't try) and be talking about c-sections, which I hope I dont have to have, but whatever...Next Monday we take a tour of the baby suites which we are excited about.. Its getting time for baby showers and stuff, so its getting fun! I am loving how his room is coming together, I just put a picture up of his bed... too cute! Anyway, we go back in 2 weeks (32 weeks along) and I will let you know whats up then.. Talk to you soon Jenny & son And that brings us to today... I am 33 Weeks and 3 days pregnant and I go to the Dr. next friday so be looking for an update then.. but I should blog befor then too!

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