Thursday, August 21, 2008

Somethings out there...

So I told you I got a new camera... Well shortly after I got it, Chris was walking around the house and found this little something.....

Chris is wearing a size 13 shoe... this thing is huge... and somewhere in my yard!!!!!!!!!!

Now mind you.. Chris is over 6 foot tall and he is holding this thing up at his head and its not even straightned out and is still almost down to his knees... ugggggghhh! This means that whatever anaconda left this skin out by my house is still out there somewhere... This freaks me out!!! I just hope it dosen't bother my dogs.... can anyone say "mothballs". Thats all for now.


Patty said...

Hi Chris and Jenny, this is Mother.

Chris Wooten. You found that in your yard and didn't call ME? Son, I'm gonna hit you when I see you next time. Always call Mother when something like that appears.

Jenny - this is so kewl. I luv reading it. And your pix are GREAT. Almost as good - but not as good - as chatting on phone.

Luv you both so much!

a.k.a. Patty
a.k.a. Chris' mom

The Nordquists said...

Ummm...NOOOOO! I would make Andrew move us out of our house if we found that in our yard! haha! I do not like snakes!