Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updated Picture 32 Weeks Pregnant

And here we are today... 32 Weeks Pregnant (and some days). It is starting to get to that uncomfortable stage, you know the one, where you can't breath unless you are standing like a soldier and it takes 15 mins to roll over or get up at night... and believe me, I am doing that alot. I just can not seem to find a comfortable position these days and the back pain isn't much better!! I do believe this is the first time I have been negative during this pregnancy.. ha! Oh well, it's bound to happen sometime.. Any way~ enough blogging for one day.. I got you all caught up with the pregnancy and even gave a picture ( I don't know why I didn't put on make-up)... so I hope its enough for my first day as a blogger... Until next time, Take Care, Jenny

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Patty said...

Ya'll are too cute! But then you do make great pix. Cute babies, too, i'll bet!